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  • Power Bottom Buddy
    Power Bottom Buddy
    Marc was looking for a work out buddy. Instead he found himself a guy with a huge cock. Marc can handle large weights but can he handle a giant dick? Being a power bottom wasn't his specialty though it looks like he's going to do just fine.
  • Aiden's Juicy Cock Gets Creeped
    Aiden's Juicy Cock Gets Creeped
    Aiden and his friend had a long night of partying with girls. After not being able to score with the ladies, they turn on each other's juciy cocks. Getting nice and hard over each other's dicks, they lose all self control for a night of xxx freaky sex...
  • Brice Oily Ass Fucking
    Brice Oily Ass Fucking
    Brice called us over for some relief after working around the house all day. The massage went well until I got a little horny and went for it. I fucked his ass long and hard until we came on each other....
  • Surprise Surprise
    Surprise Surprise
    Thing twice before you have to take a leak in public. Some random fairy might come out and pull your pants down. Don't even think about catching them either. They are pretty lighyt on their feet you'd probably wouldn't know what hit you...
  • Buff Brody Surprised!
    Buff Brody Surprised!
    My trainer from the gym came over to go over some stuff work out routines. During our work out I felt this sexual tension...I fucked him in his ass and blew my cum all over him!
  • Jonathan's Car Trouble
    Jonathan's Car Trouble
    Our co-worker Johnathan was having a really bad day when his car broke down. I gave him a ride back to our place. I ended up fucking his tight asshole to help feel better with my huge black cock...
  • Masseuse Seduces Trent During Massage
    Masseuse Seduces Trent During Massage
    Trent is a professional runner and he needs to tender love and care on all his body parts. He came to the right place. This masseuse is well equipped to help Trent out with his problem. Every nook and cranny will get massaged leaving Trent feel like a new man ...
  • It Has a Zip Code
    It Has a Zip Code
    Bradley is in awe of the dick in his hands right now. It has a gravitational force for fuck sakes. He's a bit nervous whether he should shove that huge cock up his ass but his libido is practically drooling over it. I'm it's a gorgeous piece of flesh......
  • Big Cock Office Threesome
    Big Cock Office Threesome
    Kyle seems to always bring personal life into the work place. Usually this is considered to be a bad thing, but today, it's fucking awesome. His two co-workers were ready to get business and lay down their plan on how they are going to fuck Kyle. Together, they will work as a team to resolve all tension in the work place.
  • Big Guys Love Big Cocks
    Big Guys Love Big Cocks
    Body Buffer Michael Vaughn is one hot stallion of man. But can Michael handle a the Troy of cocks? He may be a big buff dude, but he is no match for the giant cock that lies before him.
  • Calvin's First Huge Cock
    Calvin's First Huge Cock
    Calvin got extremely lucky by meeting me at the mall. He got his tight asshole stretched wide open as I fucked him, until I blew my load all over him.
  • Dylan Deep Massage
    Dylan Deep Massage
    Dylan called us over for a massage. This dude was horny and couldn't help himself after I rubbed him down with oil. I gave him special treatment by pounding his tight ass!
  • Trey Love's Huge Cock
    Trey Love's Huge Cock
    Trey hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met his best friends neighbor who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!
  • Hot Steamy Orgy
    Hot Steamy Orgy
    I lost my contact in one of the rooms and I seriously had 6 guys looking all over for it. Don't get me wrong; it was pretty dark so there were hands and feet going everywhere. I could have sworn someone poked my eye with their dong! No but seriously, there were some hard to reach places and when I mean there were tight holes and stuff, just take my word for it. This place is the best on customer service. They go all out to please every guest....
  • Tucker Ass Plunge
    Tucker Ass Plunge
    Tucker was bored at home and called his new fuck buddy over for a nice hard pounding. He gets his ass and mouth stuffed full by a huge cock.
  • That Just Wrong
    That Just Wrong
    There are some fucked up people in the world. This dude is about to throw his rubber that's been up some dudes stinky ass onto some guys just chillin minding their own business. Though the do act liked they saw rat run by lol.
  • Sweet Man Love Between Bros
    Sweet Man Love Between Bros
    Ryan secretly had a crush he never understood for his buddy. Tired of not doing anything about he decided to take the chance and try to get him to fuck. Trying not to get punched out Ryan start sucking on his best friend's wanker...
  • Marc's Big Power Point
    Marc's Big Power Point
    Marc Dylan captured the audience during his business presentation. He got everyone's spirits up. Well, get something up. One co-worker was so inspired, that his dick was rock hard for Marc. Looks like business is good.
  • Gay Bikeride Postponed
    Gay Bikeride Postponed
    My friend just won't wake up, even when I want to go on a bikeride. But he just looks so cute in his little biker shorts that I just need to start jerkin my cock to him. I decide to wake him up to join the fun, and he reciprocates by letting me fuck his smooth ass......
  • Bryce's Sore Groin Relief
    Bryce's Sore Groin Relief
    Bryce is an awesome guitarist, and he seems to always hurt himself while doing his high kicks on stage. Today he is going to get the massage of a lifetime. This creepy masseuse has some nasty tricks up his sleeves. Unfortunately that trick is going up Bryce's sweet tight ass.
  • AJ Get His Asshole Ironed
    AJ Get His Asshole Ironed
    AJ was working over time as usual at the office. His boss Tom decided to give him an extra LARGE bonus. He receives a nice long ass fucking for his efforts!
  • Anal Pheromones
    Anal Pheromones
    When it comes to Shane sniffing around for what's getting his dick hard it's easy. His buddy seems to produce pheromones in his asshole. For a straight guy, Shane is feeling pretty confused on what he should do. I'm it's pretty XXX fuckin blatant when I smell sweet man-ass juices my dick gets harder the...
  • XXX fuck It's Cold
    XXX fuck It's Cold
    If you are in a public restroom, don't be hanging out with just your speedos on. This guys just learned his lesson after he got spllashed with ice cold water...
  • Gianni Ass Fuck
    Gianni Ass Fuck
    Gianni gets exploited during his weekly massage. He gets roughly pounded in his ass while he screams in pleasure.
  • Shane's Big Entitlements
    Shane's Big Entitlements
    Shane is fresh from Chicago and he's in LA to get himself some of that big Cali cock. It didn't take long for him to score a juicy meaty dick. However this cock might be more then enough to meet Shane's filthy needs...
  • Bad Directions
    Bad Directions
    Seems like nowadays no good deed goes unpunished. This is the case for this skater dude giving some gay douche the right point of directions as their buddy runs up and pulls homeboys pants down! Looks like some now is gonna get their ass kicked.
  • Aidens Ass Fucking
    Aidens Ass Fucking
    Aiden was looking very cute lately...we always had this weird sexual tension between us. I convinced him to let me fuck his tight butthole!
  • Promise I Won't Tell
    Promise I Won't Tell
    Cruel is what this is. After many years carefully planning this devious revenge it has finally paid off. The local skater bro that used to fuck with everyone just got caught with his pants down. He was taking a white sausage up his ass as he jerk himself off...
  • Parker's First Huge Cock
    Parker's First Huge Cock
    I invited Parker over last week to hang out and watch a movie. But, things got a little heated. He never seen such a huge cock before...I stretched his tight asshole to it's limits!
  • Dark Disco Massage Room
    Dark Disco Massage Room
    The lights are off and the door is cracked open. Feel free to dump your load all over me. I want to be your pillow queen bottom young boy. Tell me what to do and I'll cum for you....
  • Oily Buck-Naked Blowjob
    Oily Buck-Naked Blowjob
    Parker London has a beautiful ass. When he came in for his first massage, my dick popped out of my pants. There was no way he was leaving my office with a good fuck. The best part of fucking during a massage session is the body oil.
  • Oily Massage Seduction
    Oily Massage Seduction
    Cody is cute with a mans body. I love his angel face. When I was rubbing his tone built body he got a bit hard on me. I poured more massage oil on him and started stroking his meaty cock. He was so relaxed he didn't even realize my cock was inside him...
  • Straight Roommate Perversions
    Straight Roommate Perversions
    Some guys just love having xxx sex. Travis is one of those guys. Travis and his roommate have been getting nasty late at night. They've been fucking each other secretly like two horny males in heat.
  • John Marcus Ass Plug
    John Marcus Ass Plug
    John met his dream date at the local gym while working out on the treadmill. He finally got this well hung cock back to his house to plug his tight anus.
  • Jordan's Tense Situation
    Jordan's Tense Situation
    Jordan has been so stressed and tense, that he is now in mad pain. He is aching for a really rough massage. He needs someone to rub out all the sore muscles knots and get regular. He came to the right place.
  • Boy Seduced During Massage
    Boy Seduced During Massage
    Tyler is a kind lad. The kind of lad you want to fuck real good. After I got him on my massage bed, I rubbed his body so good he got rock hard. Then I put his cock in my mouth and let all the drool lube it up. Once he was hot and horny I massaged the inside of his asshole with my big juicy cock.
  • Deep Tissue Anal Massage
    Deep Tissue Anal Massage
    Jason get his first massage in his entire life, and gets his asshole exploited by a huge veiny cock.
  • Sexy Oily Ass Massage
    Sexy Oily Ass Massage
    Braxton has a great body. He is irresistible so I had to give him a rougher massage in order to get him into the mood. He was all mine, after lubing his beautiful cock while rubbing his taint. He was so horny he could not resist my cock playing with his ass hole...
  • Mathew rubs one out!
    Mathew rubs one out!
    Just about to get married according to his social website profile, he ended up getting caught sending photos and videos of himself to another guy!
  • Matthew Gets Fucked Good
    Matthew Gets Fucked Good
    These two dudes had a fall out from back in the day. Matthew asshole been aching for a nice huge cock. Santa granted his wish very early this year..he took all 9 inch in his rectum.!
  • Beefcakes Seduced Into Sex
    Beefcakes Seduced Into Sex
    Marc my roommate is so fine. He has the perfect body with muscles I never knew existed. I was watching him from the other room, slowly jerking myself off. I went up him and started kissing hiss big juicy cock.I knew I had him, after I shoved his cock in my mouth. He was so horny he couldn't resist me. I fucked him so good. He'll come back for more.
  • Body Buffer's Special Massage
    Body Buffer's Special Massage
    Dominic works out religiously. The problem is, he doesn't stretch before lifting weights. Jake, a masseur, offered to give him a fee session for a full body massage. However, Jake is looking to get some ass for his hard work. That's not to much to ask for.
  • Jock Strapped
    Jock Strapped
    When its dark and you're all sweaty from playing baseball it's the perfect time for some violation. I almost creamed my pants after I saw this dudes yellow jock strap.
  • Tyler's HARD Workout
    Tyler's HARD Workout
    To tell you the truth, everyone is so friendly here. My family gym doesn't even give out towels when I forget mine. It's my fourth time coming here and I pretty much get most of my work outs done in the locker room.
  • Road Handjob
    Road Handjob
    I've seen girls flashing while driving. I've even seen dudes moon people once or twice. But I've never seen a Perez Hilton looking mother XXX fucker get jerked off by his buddy while driving at 75 miles an hour! Shit just got intense...
  • Secret young boy Banging
    Secret young boy Banging
    Adam has such a sweet booty. One day I snuck into his bedroom unnoticed. I began stroking my cock till it got harder then a Thors hammer. Almost immediately I pulled his pants down and starting smelling his sweaty dick right before I shove that lump of flesh in my mouth. He opened his eyes and I knew I was done for. So...
  • Gym buddy turned cumsucker!
    Gym buddy turned cumsucker!
    I like my guys to be aggressive and sometimes even a bit tender. Well when I met this guy at a straight bar, he noticed I was in great shape and needed a gym buddy. Things went from buddy buddy to bed buddies fast! I would always stare at his sweet ass in the gym and needed to get my cum all over those delicious cock sucking lips!
  • Time to Suck Start the Day
    Time to Suck Start the Day
    When waking up your young boyfriend, you should always do the suck-start method. Its when you take your BF's fat cock and shove it in your mouth and swallow it. Be sure to get the balls in there also, after that flip him over and give him the XXX fucking of a lifetime, and finish by shooting onto his chest. He'll be...
  • Huge Cock Fuck
    Huge Cock Fuck
    Aiden Morgan is about to experience the supernatural. His very close friend has a gift that he's about to share with Aiden. As his friend un-zips his pants a nice big flesh of meat pops out as Aiden enters the Big Dick Zone...
  • Horny For Girlfriend's Bro
    Horny For Girlfriend's Bro
    Park and his girlfriend just came back from the market. His girlfirend forgot to buy milk so she went back to the store. However, Park want to rub one out before she gets back. What he didn't know was that His girlfriend's brother was there relaxing in the guest room. Park creeps up on him not knowing if this is a good idea but he just go...
  • Massive Contributions
    Massive Contributions
    Nothing's free in this world bitch so don't come knocking on my fucking door with your flamboyant umbrella and expect a goddamn charity donation without earning that cash. That fucking pissed me off so I whipped my ass stretching, mouth tearing black jack hammer out and said "So you willing to suck...
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