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  • Horny Madison
    Horny Madison
    Jim is talking to a pimp who promises to send him a girl called Madison. When she arrives she stretches out on the couch and masturbates. The Jim joins her and fucks the girl in various positions.
  • Japanese Hooker
    Japanese Hooker
    19 year old Japanese teenie whore provides the full service to a client in a hotel room. At first she is a bit shy but then she goes really off as the guy fucks her faster and faster from behind.
  • Hot waitress
    Hot waitress
    Johan has a new assistant at his job as a waiter. Clarissa is one of those girls that learn very quickly and before they know it their work is done. With twenty minutes to spare, what do you do? Well, Clarissa has an idea but if Johan agrees...?
  • Shagging her boss
    Shagging her boss
    Teenager shagging her very old horny boss for a good job
  • Steamy and foamy couplesex
    Steamy and foamy couplesex
    Steamy and foamy couplesex
  • His new secretary
    His new secretary
    Berndt has found himself a new secretary but her work is not really up to his standards... to put it mildly. He decides to fire her on the spot but then Alena tells him she is willing to do anything to keep her job. Of course, Berndt wants proof of that..
  • Older bf fucks teeny good
    Older bf fucks teeny good
    Eager young teen chicks love older guys cuz they know a thing or two about xxx sex and are willing to please their girlfriends for hours. This cutie takes cock like a pro giving her young boyfriend a killer blowjob, getting drilled with no mercy and riding the lucky dude in reverse position on a special red sofa. She is so fresh, sweet and even naive like a naughty virgin who's been dreaming about xxx sex for so long and now just can't get enough of sucking and fucking.
  • Sweet cutie humped by her doc
    Sweet cutie humped by her doc
    Young Marta has her legs in his stirrups and the sight of her young teen pussy lights his fire and suddenly the dirty old doctor wants to XXX fuck her. He gives an exam but before long has the teenage girl on her knees sucking his dick like a good patient. They XXX fuck on the exam chair and with his new lover bent over his desk.
  • Depth interview on the bed
    Depth interview on the bed
    Having completed my in depth interview on the bed, I got Blanche to join me in the main room for some hot shenanigans. I thought she look great in that tight dress and I couldn't wait to get stuck in again.
  • Her revenge for bad food
    Her revenge for bad food
    Electra Angel wants to try out the new bistro downtown. Is it her imagination or is this old waiter looking funny at her? She orders anyway but the food she gets is horrible, so she rubs his face in it. To save the evening she comes up with a fucking great dessert!
  • Jim Slip in a threesome
    Jim Slip in a threesome
    This week the girls or should I say, demons, thought it would be amusing to squeeze my dick into Bibi's bum, whilst giggling to each other in a most conspiratorial manner! Truly I say to you, these two temptresses were under orders from Beelzebub Himself and I was but an innocent plaything under their Evil spell!
  • Former school directorin action
    Former school directorin action
    Jan Willem is a former school director who has discovered that one of his ex pupils is a performer on an adult site. So he contacts the owner to see if he himself could do a video session with the girl. To his surprise, that is no problem at all...
  • Fucking challenge
    Fucking challenge
    A blonde girl is approached on the street for a horny video session. When she arrives at the studio she has to change into high heels, stockings and a miniskirt. The guy there lays her down on the couch so he can lick her pussy and she in turn can blow his dick. After that she is fucked in various positions.
  • Sex with a Japanese Wife
    Sex with a Japanese Wife
    This guy fingers the pussy of his Japanese wife. With a blindfold on, she sucks his cock and balls. They 69, and then she starts riding his cock. She is sooo turned on, you can see her pussy juice dripping down the shaft of his cock, onto his balls.
  • Fucked on top of the bar
    Fucked on top of the bar
    A guys is sitting at a bar. He is slightly drunk and tries to have it off with the bar maid but she isn’t interested in him. Instead she goes up to an older fellow who is at the other end of the bar. She bears her tits for him one by one and then gives him a blow job before he actually fucks the girl on top of the bar.
  • Seducing the servant
    Seducing the servant
    It is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons and Anna Sofie is pretty bored with herself. All she has to do is some knitting and Jan, her husband, doesn't provide much entertainment either. So she calls the maid for some coffee... and a lot more!
  • Girl in school uniform
    Girl in school uniform
    People have been writing in saying, ""Jim, why can't every week be school uniform week?"" Well in a perfect world it would be, but girls should be able to wear other stuff as well. Having said that, here's the lovely, student, Lucy, IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM. Yet sagin The Cap'n Birdseye of xxx has set sail and trawled in another tasty catch of the day. Lucy was a film school student who was eager to find out how we make films in the world of xxx. I think she expected to find catering trucks, jibs, gaffers and so on, not an old git in a suit with his dick hanging out!
  • A hot cook
    A hot cook
    Bert has found himself a new help for in the kitchen and today Lenka has prepared a very special meal for him. Unfortunately Bert doesn't appreciate the gesture. Well, it would have been better if Lenka turned the gas on. It is good job she has other qualities too..
  • Birthday fuck
    Birthday fuck
    It is Tim’s 55th birthday today but so far there has been no one around to congratulate him. That is, until the sound of the doorbell announces Kristyna’s arrival. She’s brought Tim a cake with a whipped cream pussy on it... and her own pussy too!
  • Tiffany Doll in Anal Ooh La! La!
    Tiffany Doll in Anal Ooh La! La!
    A few weeks ago you will remember the delightful Tiffany Doll, dressing up in a little kilt, knee highs and so on and doing her stuff. Well, believe it or not, she's back for some, ""Amusement, porte de service!""
  • Married Wife with a Black Guy
    Married Wife with a Black Guy
    Married wife with a black fellow - interracial cuckold sex episode.
  • Crazed for casual sex
    Crazed for casual sex
    This cute naive chick just can't say NO to a handsome blond who starts flirting with her right on the street. She is so curious to fund out if his cock is as beautiful as his face and no wonder the guy ends up giving her a good taste of his creamy fuck tool right on their first date. These modern young teens are crazed for casual sex and you gotta see this kitten have some oral fun and ride the lucky guy to orgasm. She does it like an older woman - with great skill, passion and hunger for action.
  • Picked up from the street
    Picked up from the street
    I stumbled on the delightful young teen student Bailey and managed to entice her back to my lair, for some decadent, filthy, xxx action! What a babe she turned into and what an arse. Only in Hungary does one find these incredible, perfectly rounded, firm bums. They should state this fact in their tourist blurb because I think Budapest should be considered a ""Wonder of The World"".
  • Releasing the boner
    Releasing the boner
    Marcel is just out on his Sunday morning run when he comes across a half naked girl who is obviously masturbating in public. He joins her in the fun but at a safe distance. Mind you, she is quite a stunner so it doesn't take him long to call her closer...
  • Fucking the nurse
    Fucking the nurse
    Jean is supposed to be on a diet but when he gets the chance he stuffs himself with anything he can lay his hands on. This is not to the liking og Cherry, his nurse who would rather see him eat fruit. So Jean shows her what bananas are for...
  • Fucking revenge from a gf
    Fucking revenge from a gf
    Not deleting the photos with some naked chick after a drunken night party was a bad mistake and now this guy gets punished by his slutty girlfriend for being such a careless jerk. She ties him up while he's asleep, then calls up her ex and makes him fuck her slurping pussy right in front of poor fella's eyes. He can just watch her take that big cock with great pleasure moaning out loud and begging for more. Now you are a cuckold, you dumb asshole!
  • From biker chick to sexy secretary
    From biker chick to sexy secretary
    Anyway, we hosed down her pants and dressed her up as a sexy secretary, complete with high heels, stockings and suspenders and wow, did she look a treat, with those giant, juicy juggs sticking out!
  • Outdoor lick
    Outdoor lick
    A teenage girl is running through the forest. When she lies down to rest a guy with a magnifying glass crawls up to her. He starts to touch her all over and takes her panties off so he can lick her pussy, making her moan with pleasure.
  • A highway XXX fuck
    A highway XXX fuck
    The roaring of engines, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber... those are the sensations that make any man's heart beat faster. And in some cases even turn them on. At least, that is what we think. Why else would Miroslav XXX fuck his girlfriend next to the motorway?
  • sabrina_taylor
    19 yr old cutie with big natural titties and perfect dick suckling lips gets her tight pussy XXX fucked by a stiff cock while her boobs bounce
  • young teen perverted by a gynecologist
    young teen perverted by a gynecologist
    Curly hair young teen Lara had no idea her gynecological appointment was going to get naughty. She thought it would be a quick exam of her pussy and she could be on her way. Instead she ends up sucking his dick and letting him fuck her from behind before he pulls out and shoots his wad on her face so she can taste old man cum.
  • Computer Mates
    Computer Mates
    Jan Willem has scored himself a new girlfriend via a chatbox and young boy, is he eager to meet her. He even walked all the way up to the railway station to pick her up and on their way hom he just can't keep his hands off the young girl...
  • Getting laid with money-bag
    Getting laid with money-bag
    The hottie was surfing the Internet when she saw that ad. She talked her young boyfriend into allowing her to get laid with a rich stud in order to earn money that way. The lad knew it was the only way out of their difficult situation and told her to do that but in front of him.
  • They are not as alone
    They are not as alone
    Jan Willem is taking his new girlfriend for a walk through the forest and of course he gets the hots for her right away. Together they find a quiet spot to... well, you know. But unfortunately they are not as alone as they think...
  • Long-awaited weekend fuck
    Long-awaited weekend fuck
    This teeny couldn't wait for the weekend cuz her young boyfriend promised her two days of non-stop fucking. Being just 18 years old and always horny she spent the whole week without a single orgasm and wanted cock so bad she almost got off in anticipation. Having xxx sex all day long is so much fun when you are young and insatiable and your pussy is so tight the guy makes you moan of painful pleasure when he fucks you too hard. Oh, these shameless teeny lovers!
  • The girl at the bus stop
    The girl at the bus stop
    This week I stumbled on a girl waiting at a bus-stop. You could have knocked me down with a feather, when after doing my usual patter, she just blurted out, ""I do not give a fuck about the money, I just want to get fucked in a xxx film!"" Well, knowing that the moths would have another week of safety residing in my wallet brought a well deserved smile to my face! Paige came back to my place and Lara dressed her up in a school-girl outfit complete with white shirt and school tie. She then put on some ripped fishnet tights and some thigh-high boots. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and i could not wait to screw her!
  • Japanese schoolgirl week
    Japanese schoolgirl week
    It's Japanese Schoolgirl Week at jimslip and the ""Gok Wan"" of xxx (Moi) has struck again! Does anyone else think ""Gok Wan"" is a made up name since if you reverse it it could become ""Van Gogh"" the great painter and decorator! Anyway back to the gordeous Sami, who looked great dressed up like every schoolgirl in Tokyo, complete with prancing about and giggling. Jamming my engorged dick in her mouth, brought the giggling to an abrupt end and we had a great shagging session!
  • Redhead fucked in the mouth on the side
    Redhead fucked in the mouth on the side
    Redheads are most passionate of all pick up chicks, have you heard about this? I have, but I can't just trust people without assuring myself. So I thought it would be nice to get some redhead girl picked up and find out how good she was at xxx sex. And filming that experience would be even better. From all young pretty girls I met today I picked the one with bright red hair and paid her so that we could shoot outdoor xxx sex video somewhere in the forest. xxx sex in a public place is always better than boring fucking at home on the bed. Well, what can I say... Redheads are really wild and xxx sexy!
  • Sex for cash is a new pleasure
    Sex for cash is a new pleasure
    When this teeny told her young boyfriend she wanted to fuck another guy for cash he was pretty skeptical about the whole idea. However as it turned out later watching his honey give head to a total stranger and get fucked from behind gave him quite a rush. He could hardly resist the temptation to join the fun and give this slut a double drilling she definitely deserved. Selling his girlfriend and watching her fuck was a new pleasure he discovered!
  • Sinning at the chapel
    Sinning at the chapel
    Marcel is just feeding the birds when his new girlfriend comes up to him. Surprised, he drops de plastic bag for the ducks to choke on... and on his knees when he and Ingrid approach a chapel. For Marcel surely is about to commit some sins here...
  • Eager to fuck
    Eager to fuck
    Tim has taken Katerina, his new girlfriend, with him on holiday and together they are exploring the sights and sounds of an old city. Well, as long as Tim can keep his hands of Katerina that is. The poor girl even ends up giving him a blow job in a pub!
  • Poor little rich girl
    Poor little rich girl
    Dries is meeting up with his old friend Steven again who has found himself a new girlfriend. According to Natascha her parents are very rich but judging by the state of their factory, that might be a bit of an overstatement. But she is a good XXX fuck though...
  • Sex lovers XXX fuck in the bath
    Sex lovers XXX fuck in the bath
    Sex lovers XXX fuck in the bath
  • The blonde in the miniskirt
    The blonde in the miniskirt
    A guy is talking to the camera when a blonde girl in a miniskirt enters the room. Sitting on his lap he plays with her pussy and gives it a good licking too. When the both of them are undressed he fucks the girl on the couch and on the floor.
  • Threesome amateur homemade sex
    Threesome amateur homemade sex
    Look at us – we are at the skating rink. I and my GF and also my friend. We in turns teach Masha to skate holding her body and from time to time feeling the shapes of her gorgeous amateur tits and sexy tight ass under the cloths. It seems skating turned my hot girlfriend so much that she made an incredible offer to us – the horny home made sex threesome! What do you think about it, guys? We absolutely liked the idea and soon our biggest amateur dicks were filling Masha’s amateur pussy making her moan and beg for more and more!
  • Who dares gets a tight ass!
    Who dares gets a tight ass!
    Taking this cutie for a walk on a beautiful autumn day this guy had xxx sex on his mind all the time. He was all romantic and stuff and when she asked him what he was thinking about he told her he was dreaming about fucking her tight little ass and spraying cum all over her buttocks. Yeah, all you need is knock a bitch off her feet and she'll suck your dick and take it in the ass like this kitten did. A must-see!
  • Sex with GI Jane
    Sex with GI Jane
    I am afraid CJ is so damn hot, that she puts the HOT into Hottentot and far too much to fit into just one week. Anyway this week I get to XXX fuck her cute, tight, little arse which was quite a struggle to get into, but I persevered! That is true British grit for you! Like Hillary climbing Everest, OK, he was a New Zealander, but sort of British by default...
  • A golden catch
    A golden catch
    When you are getting a little older your usual seduction techniques might not work very well anymore so here's a golden tip: Just span a rope in between two trees, wait for a jogger to stumble over it and then knock her out with your natural charm...
  • A game of courtesan
    A game of courtesan
    Watching his beautiful girlfriend try on a new erotic lingerie set gives this horny guy an idea to play a kinky sex game where she is an inexperienced courtesan fucking a total stranger right in front of his eyes. Hooking her up with a rich dude from a dating site is a piece of cake and he soon finds himself jerking off while watching her suck big curved cock and get fucked raw wearing nothing but a pair of black hold-up stockings.
  • Hot Asian chick seduced by her doc
    Hot Asian chick seduced by her doc
    The doctor guides his Asian young teen patient Mey to the chair and puts her legs in the stirrups so he may properly examine her fresh young pussy. He is a dirty man in every way and after a look inside with a speculum he can't resist licking her. It turns her on and she blows the old guy, sucking his cock and letting him XXX fuck her hard.
  • Romanian couple fucking hard
    Romanian couple fucking hard
    This older Romanian woman is fucking guy half her age. Better to say that he is pounding her, she even gets a nice facial that she shows to the camera.
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