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  • Asians having sex filmed for home xxx
    Asians having sex filmed for home xxx
    Did those asians hire a guy to film a video of them fucking? It looks like an ordinary home xxx movie, but who the fuck is holding the camera? The girl's perky pretty titties deffinitely deserve a professional touch
  • Babe strips & sucks in park at night
    Babe strips & sucks in park at night
    Fetish amateur xxx video I found about a hot babe in a long jacket who strips while walking in the park at night. She then blindfolds herself and sucks a random guy till he comes in her mouth
  • Lewd Indian Aunty receives Screwed Hard in..
    Lewd Indian Aunty receives Screwed Hard in..
    A appealing older Indian wife with young milk shakes a obese stomach a chubby booty and bald choot is riding her hubby whilst this chab sits on the lavatory. That Guy bows her over then pounds her hard on the floor. Have A Fun!
  • Cute teen is sucking old man-s dong poison
    Cute teen is sucking old man-s dong poison
    When the young girl is bitten by a bee, the older guy needs to suck and lick his wound. But while this she become horny and as a reward she gives him her hairy pussy to fuck and also a nice blowjob
  • Peaches in Stockings
    Peaches in Stockings
    Lara meets Peaches on the street of the UK and convinces her to get in front of the cameras to show off some sexy nylon seamed stockings. She is 25 with a very nice set of perky tits, a beautifully trimmed landing strip beaver and the sexiest white gloves ever. She strokes, rubs and pokes her incredibly pussy.
  • Tiffany Doll in Anal Ooh La! La!
    Tiffany Doll in Anal Ooh La! La!
    A few weeks ago you will remember the delightful Tiffany Doll, dressing up in a little kilt, knee highs and so on and doing her stuff. Well, believe it or not, she's back for some, ""Amusement, porte de service!""
  • Outdoor Asian fuck
    Outdoor Asian fuck
    What is the best way to spend your summer weekend? Well, you gather about a dozen of your best friends, hire an old bus and drive over to a mansion in the mountains where you fuck yourself silly with anyone who happens to be available!
  • Depth interview on the bed
    Depth interview on the bed
    Having completed my in depth interview on the bed, I got Blanche to join me in the main room for some hot shenanigans. I thought she look great in that tight dress and I couldn't wait to get stuck in again.
  • From phwoar to whore!
    From phwoar to whore!
    This week we see the complete transformation of Teena from cute waif to rampant, sex crazed whore! Teena still looked stunning and she continued to remain rampant and desperate for cock!
  • Doctor of Vaginalitwo
    Doctor of Vaginalitwo
    Well, our Jim has finally taken the decision to do something useful in his life. After a long study he has become a DoV. Yes, a Doctor of Vaginality! Had you ever doubted anything about Jim's mental state, after seeing this film you wil be certain he's gone completely 'round the bend. But he does know how to choose his patients though
  • A budding concert pianist
    A budding concert pianist
    Connie is a budding concert pianist and when I laid eyes on her I thought, ""Wow I wouldn't mind her tickling my ivories!"" Anyway, using the subtle charm that has got me into the knickers of hundreds of babes I managed to entice her back to my lair where she brushed up rather well dressed in a little kilt and over knee socks and the biggest smile I've ever seen.
  • Teacher's pet
    Teacher's pet
    A girl enters the room of her school teacher to hand in her homework. He takes her on his lap and begins to play with her tits. She then blows his dick before the both of them are on the chair fucking each other and the guy shoves his dick al the way up her ass.
  • Fucking at the playground
    Fucking at the playground
    Even on a scorcher like today Paul is still busy keeping his body in shape. Nothing can distract him from flexing his muscles... Well, nothing except from a naked, gorgeous blonde girl who is kneeling in the grass showing her round ass off...
  • Jim Slip in a threesome
    Jim Slip in a threesome
    This week the girls or should I say, demons, thought it would be amusing to squeeze my dick into Bibi's bum, whilst giggling to each other in a most conspiratorial manner! Truly I say to you, these two temptresses were under orders from Beelzebub Himself and I was but an innocent plaything under their Evil spell!
  • A grateful prisoner
    A grateful prisoner
    Dana is doing hard time in our local jail but fortunately there is a top lawyer willing to help her out. Gilbert even requests that her handcuffs are taken off during the interview. For that gesture Dana only knows one way to thank him...
  • Teen gets fucked by older guy
    Teen gets fucked by older guy
    A young, naked girl is laying on a bed where a bald headed guy is fucking her from behind, slapping her buttocks every now and then. A little later the guy lays down on his back and the girl straddles him.
  • Hungarian fuck
    Hungarian fuck
    Well, you would have thought that after 30 minutes of rampant shagging, that Jenny would have been exhausted, but no, she was still desperate for cock. These young girls of today have no shame. Anyway I didn't care either and we both had a fantastic fuck.
  • A highway XXX fuck
    A highway XXX fuck
    The roaring of engines, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber... those are the sensations that make any man's heart beat faster. And in some cases even turn them on. At least, that is what we think. Why else would Miroslav XXX fuck his girlfriend next to the motorway?
  • Babelicious, bootiful, ballerina!
    Babelicious, bootiful, ballerina!
    To be honest this girl was gorgeuos in all the clothes and it was extremely difficult deciding what to go, for so I went for a long walk to help me decide. Anyway, when I got back, Lara and Angel had made the decision and to be honest I think they made the right choice!
  • Dressed up for an ass fuck
    Dressed up for an ass fuck
    A guy approaches a blonde girl in the street and convinces her to go with him to his studio. There she gets to pick from a large pile of xxx sexy clothes. Once dressed up she gives the guy a blow job before he fucks her in the ass.
  • Russian beauty from St Petersburg
    Russian beauty from St Petersburg
    I was a bit troubled at first when she explained that she had little experience in the matters of xxx sex. I was also trouble by the thick specs. However, when she made her debut through the double doors of fame, at Maison Slip, I nearly fainted with shock. Summer had in fact, transformed into an absolute stunning babe in stockings and high heels, who was desperate for cock!
  • Fucking for a good cause
    Fucking for a good cause
    Efrona is collecting money for the old people and today is her lucky day as she runs into Tim who is in a very generous mood. Yes, he is willing to give her plenty of cash for her little piggy bank but of course he expects something in return...
  • Forced to fuck
    Forced to fuck
    Edgar is sorting out his finances (as well as his xxx collection) and confronts his girlfriend about the enormous amount of money she spends. Mina is not impressed however: She shuts him up by putting a gun to is head... and taking her clothes off!
  • Picked up on the train
    Picked up on the train
    Lou spoke very good English and I managed to get her to make a detour to , Chez Moi, for some xxx action in return for hard cash! Naturally, the thought of getting paid, in proper currency, rather than in Euros, made all the difference...
  • XXX fuck your brains out
    XXX fuck your brains out
    Yes, yet again we have a cute little Hungarian blonde babe for your delectation!. Where else on Earth can you find girls which such perfect bottoms? In fact where in this Galaxy can you find such girls and finally where else would you find such a cute girl as Barbie who is quite happy to stuff her tongue down the back of your throat and then feast on your dick with total gusto and finally XXX fuck your brains out.
  • A good training session
    A good training session
    Kristyna has only recently joined our gym and we must say she is very persistant, training every day. But her enthousiasm doesn't stop her from making mistakes and then it is a good job her trainer is close at hand...
  • A hot driver
    A hot driver
    Mireck is waitng for the bus but when a hot blonde in an equally hot sports car pulls up in front of him he decides to have his chance with her. Pretending to have a headache he convinces her to take him home where she will be properly rewarded...
  • Hajni gets it up the arse
    Hajni gets it up the arse
    As you can see by now Hajni was not only hairy, but also very hot! Those tights enclosing that mound of hair was also very sexy.This week on top of all the sex fun from last weeks episode you get to see me plunge my dick into Hajni's gorgeous tight arse!
  • Another escort girl
    Another escort girl
    We had arranged another escort girl for our Jan Willem but alas, the man is pissed out of his mind. Too much booze has made him incapable of doing anything at all. But Tereza, the escort girl, has some hidden qualities...
  • Doing the odd job
    Doing the odd job
    Alena is doing the dishes in the kitchen. When she was ready, Bert said she had just one more task he needed to do. He wanted to have a nice blow job. Alena loves to give him a blowjob and when his cock was nice and hard they made their way though the whole kitchen!
  • They are not as alone
    They are not as alone
    Jan Willem is taking his new girlfriend for a walk through the forest and of course he gets the hots for her right away. Together they find a quiet spot to... well, you know. But unfortunately they are not as alone as they think...
  • New into xxx
    New into xxx
    This week we have the lovely Christine Love who had decided to dip her feet into the murky pool of xxx and just arrived on the night train from Scotland. She announced that she didn't like the ""Glam look"" that is so common in xxx these days. Well , ""Who does?"" I asked. Anyway, I got her back to my lair and inspected her very pert, round arse, before dressing her in an elegant looking dress, stockings and high heels.
  • Busty teen fucked
    Busty teen fucked
    During an interview Mireck admits that he has never used any xxx sex toys. In fact, he hasn’t seen them being used either. So a sales girl with the biggest tits he has ever seen pays him a visit at home for an extensive demonstration!
  • Just visiting
    Just visiting
    Tim is being visited by 2 women in his office. The age of the two women varies a lot. The young girl is just 18 years old, and the old woman is 62. But who cares, they both can suck cock and love to being fucked by good old Tim.
  • Hot girl in school uniform
    Hot girl in school uniform
    Well as you have seen so far, Alexa was up for anything and everything. I brought up the subject of HOT BUM-FUN ACTION and she jumped at the chance. Again, I was shocked to my very core by her blatantly sluttish behaviour and turned to her and sternly reproached her, ""Alexa, I am shocked to my core at your sluttish behaviour and the fact that you are demanding HOT ANAL SCHOOL UNIFORM ACTION here and now. All I can say is that I will fullfil your wish now, but don't let me hear you bring up such a disgusting subject again!""
  • A helping hand
    A helping hand
    Luc is just enjoying his Sunday newspaper as Jeanette limps into the room with a sprained ankle. Helpful as he is, Luc massages her leg... and then her back... and then her tits. Finally Jeanette lands with her legs spread on the bed, begging for mercy!
  • Fucking Jasmin
    Fucking Jasmin
    A girl on a couch is introduced as Jasmin. A little later she has changed her clothes, wearing a miniskirt and open crotch pantyhose. She shows herself off in front of the camera until a guy comes up who strokes her and then fucks her too.
  • A horny massage
    A horny massage
    A middle aged man is working in his hobby room when he is suddenly struck by a back ache. Fortunately a young blond girl enters the room and she is willing to give him a massage to relieve the pain. Afterwards the guy wants his dick to be massaged too. She complies, giving him a blow job before the both of them XXX fuck together.
  • Another gym seduction
    Another gym seduction
    We don't know what it is about our local gym: Whether it is the paint used on the walls, its location on the spot of a former brothel or the general atmosphere but one thing is true: You just have to get your dick out and within seconds there is a girl blowing it!
  • An unexpected meeting
    An unexpected meeting
    John loves to lie in the sunshine and preferably completely naked... which is something of a shock when an innocent girl passes by unexpectedly. But hey, John is not only good looking for his age, he is pretty good with words too....
  • Horny old fellow
    Horny old fellow
    Very horny old fellow licks nipples of a big horny girl
  • Fist of fury
    Fist of fury
    As you've already seen, Scarlett looked very sexy indeed in her giant fishnets, micro mini and heels and she was up for some good hard screwing, as would befit a lass from Newcastle.
  • Blonde striptease
    Blonde striptease
    A beautiful blonde, teenage girl in a bikini, high heels and stockings does a slow striptease in front of the camera. She bares her firm breasts and plays with him before unhooking her panties. She ends up kneeling down naked on the floor.
  • A hot lunch break
    A hot lunch break
    After a couple of hours Leo is enjoying a healthy lunch. Just at that moment his boss comes in, accompanied by Michelle, his very blonde assistant. When boss man needs to go elsewhere Michelle decides to practice her seduction skills on Leo...
  • Japanese schoolgirl week
    Japanese schoolgirl week
    It's Japanese Schoolgirl Week at jimslip and the ""Gok Wan"" of xxx (Moi) has struck again! Does anyone else think ""Gok Wan"" is a made up name since if you reverse it it could become ""Van Gogh"" the great painter and decorator! Anyway back to the gordeous Sami, who looked great dressed up like every schoolgirl in Tokyo, complete with prancing about and giggling. Jamming my engorged dick in her mouth, brought the giggling to an abrupt end and we had a great shagging session!
  • Flaming pussy
    Flaming pussy
    Melissa is suffering from a rare disease called Flaming Pussy and her doctor needs to give her a very special medicine, known by its popular name of sperm. Now no girl in her right mind would have fallen for such a lame excuse but Melissa is a true blonde...
  • A quick threesome
    A quick threesome
    Dries has packed his bags: He is on his way to Prague to meet a very special girl called Katerina. And indeed, before you know it Dries and his mate are on a hotel bed and Katarina enters the room, ready to be fucked by two dicks...
  • The fastest pick up
    The fastest pick up
    Of all the guys that we know in this city, Jan is certainly the one with the fastest pickup line. Just check how little effort it takes him to stuff a girl full of beer and make her lose her bra... and her pants... in the middle of the street!
  • The girl next door
    The girl next door
    Steven is just repairing his sons bike for the umpteenth time as Kelly, the girl next door walks in. His back is aching too but when he mentions that to the girl she offers to give him a massage. And you know what happens when massages get given here...
  • Sex with GI Jane
    Sex with GI Jane
    I am afraid CJ is so damn hot, that she puts the HOT into Hottentot and far too much to fit into just one week. Anyway this week I get to XXX fuck her cute, tight, little arse which was quite a struggle to get into, but I persevered! That is true British grit for you! Like Hillary climbing Everest, OK, he was a New Zealander, but sort of British by default...
  • Two blondes pleasing old men
    Two blondes pleasing old men
    Nicky and Joyce haven't seen each other in ages and when they meet up again they both boast about their new young boyfriends. As soon as the young boys arrive they have to prove themselves: WHich one of the two sports the longest dick?
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