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  • A lovely Easter Chick
    A lovely Easter Chick
    Your eyes will pop out on springs when you see her at the top of the stairs waltzing down without a care in the world, showing off her knickers underneath her little skirt and you'll gasp for breath when you see her swallow my dick!
  • Blonde in need of a senior cock
    Blonde in need of a senior cock
    When Christina is in a horny mood there is no man who can resist her. Well, with one exception. However much she squirms her beautiful body, Tim completely ignores her. So it is time to drop the subtle approach and go for the kill!
  • Old horny chap fucks
    Old horny chap fucks
    Old horny chap fucks a real hooker xxx in amsterdam
  • Kindly spoiling cock
    Kindly spoiling cock
    Another girl makes her debut with us. Unfortunately she doesn't speak English so here's a little translation: Jessica loves sex and she wants to be a xxx model, just for the kicks. And she doesn't even mind who XXX fucks her on camera either!
  • Fingering in a chair
    Fingering in a chair
    Blonde young teen chick fingering herself in the big red chair
  • Penetrating her ass
    Penetrating her ass
    Penetrating her young teenage ass with old smelly pecker
  • Very old fellow
    Very old fellow
    Very old fellow sinks smelly dick into a willing teenager
  • Outdoor Asian fuck
    Outdoor Asian fuck
    What is the best way to spend your summer weekend? Well, you gather about a dozen of your best friends, hire an old bus and drive over to a mansion in the mountains where you fuck yourself silly with anyone who happens to be available!
  • Depth interview on the bed
    Depth interview on the bed
    Having completed my in depth interview on the bed, I got Blanche to join me in the main room for some hot shenanigans. I thought she look great in that tight dress and I couldn't wait to get stuck in again.
  • A double treat
    A double treat
    A guy is negotiating with a pimp in order to get some girls for a fucking scene. The pimp is also arguing with a girl standing next to him. Soon she and another girl are playing lesbian games in the hall before the guy with the camera fucks them in turn.
  • Hunting the streets
    Hunting the streets
    This week we continue with the wonderful Shalina and concentrate on her cute, tight little juicy bum! It was such a shame to have to get the mini skin tight denim shorts off in order to fuck her. You see I'm weird like that, I love fucking girls when they are dressed, it's always such a shame to have to get the clobber off. But what a love cute little arse Shalina has, it felt really tight and hot as I squeezed my dick in and out of it, especially seeing her arse framed in the red fishnets and especially with her wearing stilleto heels!As you can see from the pics my dick filled her arse right up and it was difficult not to shoot my load up her arse!
  • The angry neighbour
    The angry neighbour
    Bruce is just cleaning out the gutters of his house when there is a screaming way below him: His rubbish is hitting her right on the head. She even climbs his ladder to give him a good hiding. But Bruce has a way of handling angry women...
  • Horny servant girl
    Horny servant girl
    Rick has found himself the ideal maid: Kristyna only needs one single word to dust the plants or pour a cup of imaginary tea. And if you want to have it off with her, you just grab her by her pigtails and push her into the right position.
  • Blonde teen gets XXX fucked in the forest
    Blonde teen gets XXX fucked in the forest
    A guys is chasing a blonde girl through the forest, trying to grab her ass. She climbs up a tree and spreads her legs so he can lick her pussy. She then kneels down to suck his dick. He XXX fucks her in various positions before coming in her mouth.
  • Horny cousin
    Horny cousin
    Robert has his cousin Jenna staying over. Now Jenna might look pretty adult, she still needs a hand when she is taking a shower. A hand which obert is all to eager to lend her. And of course, she can do him a big favor in return...
  • Double young teen sex orgy
    Double young teen sex orgy
    After that double young teen sex orgy on the bed, I barely had the strength to let the girls adjust their clothing and swan out into the main room for some more xxx action.I didn't realise that Loz was up for some xxx anal action!
  • Sex in public
    Sex in public
    Bert has scored himself a new girlfriend via a dating agency and he has made his wishes clear from the bginning: He wants to fuck her somewhere outdoors. Unfortunately it is a little chilly but Bert knows how to warm his girls up...
  • Rimjob loving slut
    Rimjob loving slut
    After a period of three years his old classmate is visiting him and she hasn’t changed a bit! She still is a slutty whore who is addicted to assholes. Another friend’s dick makes it a real sandwich and the reunion is complete!
  • British bimbo fucked
    British bimbo fucked
    Well, everyones going nuts over this ""St Trinians"" malarky, so I thought, why can't I do my own little tribute to this great icon of nostalgia. Actually it was really the gorgeous Lilly's idea, since she happened to have an old school uniform in her arsenal of kinky clobber. So I don't think I really need to say anymore, but simply.........enjoy!
  • Teen girl fucked deep
    Teen girl fucked deep
    A guy is sitting down on a settee when a very young girl kneels down in front of him, lifts up his shirt and begins to suck his dick. Later on he licks her pussy in turn before she takes all of her clothes off, Then he fucks her until he comes in her mouth.
  • Sexy ball player
    Sexy ball player
    A middle aged mad has taken a teenage girl for a walk. She is playing with a ball and kicks it accidently into his nuts. In order to cure him, she gives him a blow job and when his dick is stiff th both of them XXX fuck.
  • Horny Madison
    Horny Madison
    Jim is talking to a pimp who promises to send him a girl called Madison. When she arrives she stretches out on the couch and masturbates. The Jim joins her and fucks the girl in various positions.
  • Anal training
    Anal training
    Where ever she goes, Nathalie always brings her favorite toy with her: A transparent butt plug. She says it is handy to have with you when you meet a guy who fancies some ass fucking: This way, Nathalie is always prepared!
  • A smoking hot threesome
    A smoking hot threesome
    When Pavla is having a quiet smoke next to the railway line Marie comes up to her and takes her cigarette away. For at home, her Pavlov is coughing his longs out due to smoking. Fortunately there is an easy cure for that: A blow job. Now why didn't we think of that?
  • Fucking at the desk
    Fucking at the desk
    A guy is working at his desk when a teenage girl with pigtails comes in. He plays with her naked tits and she gives him a blow job before undressing and sitting down on his lap for a fuck. In the end he jerks himself off on her face.
  • Lovely Romanian girl
    Lovely Romanian girl
    This week we have the lovely Romanian girl, Abelia who drove through over 500KM of icy wastes over to do a scene with me. Once she donned a tiny little pair of denim shorts and a cowboy shirt, I just had to plunge my hand down the front of those shorts and fondle her.
  • The direct attack
    The direct attack
    Bert might be a real expert in seducing young girls, there are times when all those sneaky techniques are not nessecary at all. With Ilona, his new secretary for instance. You simply bend her over your desk, pull her skirt up and she is completely yours...
  • Dressing for sex
    Dressing for sex
    A guy is asking a blonde girl for directions and then tells her he is looking for models. After some hesitating she goes with him to his studio where she chooses some sexy clothes. Then she blows and fucks the guy on a couch.
  • Sex on the camping
    Sex on the camping
    It's weekend and Johan is camping out in the forest. He's just enjoying the peace when a female inspector comes by and asks for his camping permit... which he doesn't have! So the inspector comes up with an odd solution: He can stay as long as he likes as long as he gives her a good fucking first!
  • Hajni gets it up the arse
    Hajni gets it up the arse
    As you can see by now Hajni was not only hairy, but also very hot! Those tights enclosing that mound of hair was also very sexy.This week on top of all the sex fun from last weeks episode you get to see me plunge my dick into Hajni's gorgeous tight arse!
  • Another escort girl
    Another escort girl
    We had arranged another escort girl for our Jan Willem but alas, the man is pissed out of his mind. Too much booze has made him incapable of doing anything at all. But Tereza, the escort girl, has some hidden qualities...
  • Doing the odd job
    Doing the odd job
    Alena is doing the dishes in the kitchen. When she was ready, Bert said she had just one more task he needed to do. He wanted to have a nice blow job. Alena loves to give him a blowjob and when his cock was nice and hard they made their way though the whole kitchen!
  • They are not as alone
    They are not as alone
    Jan Willem is taking his new girlfriend for a walk through the forest and of course he gets the hots for her right away. Together they find a quiet spot to... well, you know. But unfortunately they are not as alone as they think...
  • New into xxx
    New into xxx
    This week we have the lovely Christine Love who had decided to dip her feet into the murky pool of xxx and just arrived on the night train from Scotland. She announced that she didn't like the ""Glam look"" that is so common in xxx these days. Well , ""Who does?"" I asked. Anyway, I got her back to my lair and inspected her very pert, round arse, before dressing her in an elegant looking dress, stockings and high heels.
  • Busty teen fucked
    Busty teen fucked
    During an interview Mireck admits that he has never used any xxx sex toys. In fact, he hasn’t seen them being used either. So a sales girl with the biggest tits he has ever seen pays him a visit at home for an extensive demonstration!
  • Just visiting
    Just visiting
    Tim is being visited by 2 women in his office. The age of the two women varies a lot. The young girl is just 18 years old, and the old woman is 62. But who cares, they both can suck cock and love to being fucked by good old Tim.
  • Hot girl in school uniform
    Hot girl in school uniform
    Well as you have seen so far, Alexa was up for anything and everything. I brought up the subject of HOT BUM-FUN ACTION and she jumped at the chance. Again, I was shocked to my very core by her blatantly sluttish behaviour and turned to her and sternly reproached her, ""Alexa, I am shocked to my core at your sluttish behaviour and the fact that you are demanding HOT ANAL SCHOOL UNIFORM ACTION here and now. All I can say is that I will fullfil your wish now, but don't let me hear you bring up such a disgusting subject again!""
  • A helping hand
    A helping hand
    Luc is just enjoying his Sunday newspaper as Jeanette limps into the room with a sprained ankle. Helpful as he is, Luc massages her leg... and then her back... and then her tits. Finally Jeanette lands with her legs spread on the bed, begging for mercy!
  • Fucking Jasmin
    Fucking Jasmin
    A girl on a couch is introduced as Jasmin. A little later she has changed her clothes, wearing a miniskirt and open crotch pantyhose. She shows herself off in front of the camera until a guy comes up who strokes her and then fucks her too.
  • A horny massage
    A horny massage
    A middle aged man is working in his hobby room when he is suddenly struck by a back ache. Fortunately a young blond girl enters the room and she is willing to give him a massage to relieve the pain. Afterwards the guy wants his dick to be massaged too. She complies, giving him a blow job before the both of them XXX fuck together.
  • Another gym seduction
    Another gym seduction
    We don't know what it is about our local gym: Whether it is the paint used on the walls, its location on the spot of a former brothel or the general atmosphere but one thing is true: You just have to get your dick out and within seconds there is a girl blowing it!
  • An unexpected meeting
    An unexpected meeting
    John loves to lie in the sunshine and preferably completely naked... which is something of a shock when an innocent girl passes by unexpectedly. But hey, John is not only good looking for his age, he is pretty good with words too....
  • Horny old fellow
    Horny old fellow
    Very horny old fellow licks nipples of a big horny girl
  • Fist of fury
    Fist of fury
    As you've already seen, Scarlett looked very sexy indeed in her giant fishnets, micro mini and heels and she was up for some good hard screwing, as would befit a lass from Newcastle.
  • Blonde striptease
    Blonde striptease
    A beautiful blonde, teenage girl in a bikini, high heels and stockings does a slow striptease in front of the camera. She bares her firm breasts and plays with him before unhooking her panties. She ends up kneeling down naked on the floor.
  • A hot lunch break
    A hot lunch break
    After a couple of hours Leo is enjoying a healthy lunch. Just at that moment his boss comes in, accompanied by Michelle, his very blonde assistant. When boss man needs to go elsewhere Michelle decides to practice her seduction skills on Leo...
  • Japanese schoolgirl week
    Japanese schoolgirl week
    It's Japanese Schoolgirl Week at jimslip and the ""Gok Wan"" of xxx (Moi) has struck again! Does anyone else think ""Gok Wan"" is a made up name since if you reverse it it could become ""Van Gogh"" the great painter and decorator! Anyway back to the gordeous Sami, who looked great dressed up like every schoolgirl in Tokyo, complete with prancing about and giggling. Jamming my engorged dick in her mouth, brought the giggling to an abrupt end and we had a great shagging session!
  • Flaming pussy
    Flaming pussy
    Melissa is suffering from a rare disease called Flaming Pussy and her doctor needs to give her a very special medicine, known by its popular name of sperm. Now no girl in her right mind would have fallen for such a lame excuse but Melissa is a true blonde...
  • A quick threesome
    A quick threesome
    Dries has packed his bags: He is on his way to Prague to meet a very special girl called Katerina. And indeed, before you know it Dries and his mate are on a hotel bed and Katarina enters the room, ready to be fucked by two dicks...
  • The fastest pick up
    The fastest pick up
    Of all the guys that we know in this city, Jan is certainly the one with the fastest pickup line. Just check how little effort it takes him to stuff a girl full of beer and make her lose her bra... and her pants... in the middle of the street!
  • The girl next door
    The girl next door
    Steven is just repairing his sons bike for the umpteenth time as Kelly, the girl next door walks in. His back is aching too but when he mentions that to the girl she offers to give him a massage. And you know what happens when massages get given here...
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