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  • Delightful skinny teen
    Delightful skinny teen
    This week we have a delightful skinny young teen for you to drool over. As it happens she's 20 years old, but looks more like 18, that's what the Hungarian diet of Goulash, no smoking and early nights does for you, it fights all, ""7 signs of ageing"" in one go!
  • A naughty game
    A naughty game
    Bart has found him self a true stunner of a girlfriend and when he manages to take her home on their first date, he does what every healthy guy would do: He plays a board game with her. Fortunately for us Amanda may decide what to do next...
  • Screwing in the stables
    Screwing in the stables
    Lara goes horse riding every day but there is this guy working at the stables she really hates. So whenever he is doing his job - like shoveling manure - she kicks his bucket over. And then comes the time the final battle is fought... in the haystack.
  • Doctors orders
    Doctors orders
    A young girl is visiting her doctor. He tells her to undress completely and when she is naked he starts licking her nipples. The girl objects but he continues, shoving his dick in her mouth. Later on he fucks her in a gyno chair.
  • A golden catch
    A golden catch
    When you are getting a little older your usual seduction techniques might not work very well anymore so here's a golden tip: Just span a rope in between two trees, wait for a jogger to stumble over it and then knock her out with your natural charm...
  • A hard-as-nails slut
    A hard-as-nails slut
    The abuse that I have to put up with when I am roaming about looking for ""fresh meat"" is amply demonstrated by my meeting with Valentina. As soon as I approached her she let rip with a stream of abuse, which I tolerated because I had a sneaky suspicion that underneath that hard-as-nails exterior was a hard-as-nails slut, lurking and ready to pounce. Well, Valentina made an amazing transformation from monster to gorgeous sexy babe. She made her appearance wearing some skin-tight sexy hot pants and boots which had my eyes popping out on springs!
  • Senior lured from the woods
    Senior lured from the woods
    I was strolling through the woods – as that's where the local perverts hangout and Jim had pointed me in the direction of - looking for flesh to bring back and ravage, I happen to stumble upon a rambler. After he told his rather amusing story of his wife being savaged by wild boar, I took pity on him and offered him Lara's Ј100 pound challenge...
  • A hot photographer
    A hot photographer
    Mireck has celebrated his 81st birthday last week and he has decided to treat his family on some photo’s... of himself. Now Zuzana is a nice looking girl and Mireck is very interested but will he be able to bypass her fetish for balls and cowboy hats?
  • The girls next door
    The girls next door
    Sam is just clearing up his rose garden when he sees the girl next door sitting on a bench. She is pretty hot looking and so is her girlfriend that is visiting her. Before he knows it, Sams fantasy is taking him for a ride... and a pretty wild one too!
  • The horny plumber
    The horny plumber
    A blonde girl is lying on the bed when there is a knock on the door. It is the plumber who repairs her shower. She falls asleep and he approaches the bed, pulling her panties aside and licking her pussy. When she wakes up she sucks and fucks him.
  • His horny assistant
    His horny assistant
    Bruce has found himself a new assistant to run his farm but she is not very helpful. The girl is just too scared to get her hands dirty. But just when he has about enough of her, Emily comes up with an offer that Bruce just can't refuse...
  • A horny nurse
    A horny nurse
    This week I stumble across the gorgeous Keeley. I didn't have to do much convincing, since she was a manager of a sleazy sex shop and was quite used to disgusting perverts approaching her. So my proposition was like ""water off a ducks back"". She explained how customers would ask her to demonstrate the dildos and how sometimes on a busy day, she'd end up getting gang-banged by the customers. God, you don't get that sort of thing at John Lewis!
  • Hot blonde hooker
    Hot blonde hooker
    A hot blonde girl dressed in miniskirt and fishnet stockings is showing herself off in the corridor. A guy comes up to her and rubs here pussy, slapping her ass every now and then. She gives him a blow job and then they fuck.
  • Fucking at the office
    Fucking at the office
    An office girl is getting bossed around by her manager who is cursing and swearing at her. Meanwhile her colleague, an older man, is jerking off in his office. She goes over to him and takes all of her clothes off in order to be fucked by him.
  • Fucking for higher grades
    Fucking for higher grades
    Katerina's teacher is getting a little desperate. She has high scores for every subject except for biology. So he invites her and her young boyfriend over for some extra lessons. Especially the human genitals get some extra attention...
  • Piano lessons
    Piano lessons
    After fifyoung teen years of lessons Martina just has to admit it: No way she will ever play the piano. Pavlov, her teacher, is very disappointed in the girl but Martina has some good news too: She has another talent which could bring her a great career!
  • Babe bangs the barber
    Babe bangs the barber
    Paul is a real Jack of all trades and today he is starting a career as a hairdresser. He is pretty serious about his job but that isn’t easy when you get a girl like Lucienne in your chair. Before you know it she has taken your mind off the job!
  • Hot mechanic
    Hot mechanic
    Walter is running a motorcycle workshop and is probably the only mechanic in the world who works with white gloves on. Things are not working well today, that is until Lindsay enters the room. Her T-shirt alone would distract anyone...
  • Horny doctor
    Horny doctor
    Our new doctor is one of the friendliest characters we have ever met. Especially when young patients... or rather girls visit him he always has a couple of good words for them. No more than four or five but hey, what more do you need as a doctor?
  • Any place is good for sex
    Any place is good for sex
    According to Anouk any old spot is fine to have sex together, even if it is just a rickety staircase that looks as though it is about to fall apart. So we decided to try that out and after a few minutes everybody agreed that the ground was a lot safer...
  • Hot birthday present
    Hot birthday present
    Clad in mini-kilt and over knee socks and a complete, All American ""college girl"" look, Chanel arrived at my place and was gagging for some hot, kitchen/ diner action, which makes a change from the sofa which is in for repair at the moment.
  • Horny chambermaid
    Horny chambermaid
    An older guy is in his hotel room where he tries to seduce the chamber maid. After he has had too much to drink she takes him to the shower and washes him. Later on they go to the bedroom for a blow job and a fuck.
  • A horny nurse
    A horny nurse
    An older man is lying on the bed. He feels very sick so he calls the doctor who send a young nurse around. In order to cure him she has to give the man a very painful injection so to comfort him she gives him a blow job too.
  • The gang bang expert
    The gang bang expert
    This week we are in the snowy wastes of East Sussex with Sarah 'big juggs' Jane. This girl is the, ""Gang-Bang Queen of the North!"". They say say that women are multitasking, well, Sarah is certainly adept at that. You will listen in complete shock as she describes in graphic detail, her gang bang exploits.
  • Dangerous games
    Dangerous games
    Michaela is one of those careless girls who always seems to get herself in trouble. Just look at her, playing dangerously close to the railway track. Fortunately Donald is nearby to give her a warning, a spanking... and a good fuck!
  • A xxx star's whish
    A xxx star's whish
    As young as she is, Kelly has been an actress in several xxx films already. But the one thing she has never done is a XXX flick starring her and Steven, her young boyfriend. But today she has invited a camera crew to do just that. Will Steven agree?
  • The new secretary
    The new secretary
    Bert is going up in the world and now he has his own office and the secretary that came with it too. Unfortunately the girl is not very bright and she botches the only job she has to do. But of course our Bert can think of a proper way to punish the girl...
  • Very old fellow
    Very old fellow
    Very old fellow sinks smelly dick into a willing teenager
  • Fucked whilst sleeping
    Fucked whilst sleeping
    A girl is rummaging through her suitcase on her bed and then falls asleep. An older guy enters her room and jerks off on her underwear. Then he undresses her carefully, licks the sleeping girls pussy and then XXX fucks her gently.
  • Depth interview on the bed
    Depth interview on the bed
    Having completed my in depth interview on the bed, I got Blanche to join me in the main room for some hot shenanigans. I thought she look great in that tight dress and I couldn't wait to get stuck in again.
  • The girl hunter
    The girl hunter
    Dirk has his own methods for hunting new girls. He simply waits for them in a dark corner of the forest and today he is lucky again when the blonde Tatiana runs into him several times. It might seem an odd approach but her reaction is even stranger...
  • Hot in the waiting room
    Hot in the waiting room
    Do women get turned on by soft xxx? That question is answered for Marcus when he visits his local doctor for a check up. In the waiting room a young girl gets more than turned on by reading a xxx magazine... much to his advantage!
  • Shagging her boss
    Shagging her boss
    Teenager shagging her very old horny boss for a good job
  • Mutual massage
    Mutual massage
    Harry has a new housekeeper and the girl is absolutely fantastic. She sweeps, she cleans, she gives massages when he needs one. But when it comes to spoiling her pussy there is only one expert in the house: Harry himself...
  • Seduced camerawoman
    Seduced camerawoman
    Jim approaches a girl called Trace who confesses that one of her hobbies is shagging. While Jim is fucking her the girl who is filming gets involved too and soon enough she and Trace ar having it off on the floor.
  • An extra lesson
    An extra lesson
    Radka is in need of some extra English lessons but she makes such a hash of it, her teacher nearly rips the place apart with anger. He also rips his pants at the same time, making Radka laught out loud. And that cannot go unpunished...
  • Picked up from the street
    Picked up from the street
    I stumbled on the delightful young teen student Bailey and managed to entice her back to my lair, for some decadent, filthy, xxx action! What a babe she turned into and what an arse. Only in Hungary does one find these incredible, perfectly rounded, firm bums. They should state this fact in their tourist blurb because I think Budapest should be considered a ""Wonder of The World"".
  • Blonde beauty rides
    Blonde beauty rides
    Teenage blonde beauty rides a very old but hard schlong
  • Poor little rich girl
    Poor little rich girl
    Dries is meeting up with his old friend Steven again who has found himself a new girlfriend. According to Natascha her parents are very rich but judging by the state of their factory, that might be a bit of an overstatement. But she is a good XXX fuck though...
  • Caught watching xxx
    Caught watching xxx
    A young girl is flicking through the TV channels when she comes across a xxx movie. She lies down on the couch, spreads her legs and is just busy masturbating when an older guy enters. He seduces her and ends up fucking her.
  • The blonde in the miniskirt
    The blonde in the miniskirt
    A guy is talking to the camera when a blonde girl in a miniskirt enters the room. Sitting on his lap he plays with her pussy and gives it a good licking too. When the both of them are undressed he fucks the girl on the couch and on the floor.
  • Dressed in stockings and high heels
    Dressed in stockings and high heels
    Dressed in her stockings and high heels and bent over a table is a sight that will be burnt into my memory for ever. Her bum was a perfect sphere and peachy pink. These posh birds are always gagging for it, (So I'm told) Thank God I managed to get her back to my place before the car repair man had arrived!
  • Mincing my way back stage
    Mincing my way back stage
    This week we get down to the nitty-gritty and Eva was a fabulous XXX fuck as you can probably imagine and as is the norm for these girls from the icy wastes, she was insatiable. I suppose XXX fucking and vodka is the only way to keep warm...
  • A horny pupil
    A horny pupil
    Adela is getting some extra lessons but she doesn't seem to get on with them today. Her mind is more on her pussy than on her math so when teacher is out of the classroom for a while she decides to do something about the itch in her crotch...
  • A bukkake party
    A bukkake party
    Our team has followed Jan Willem across the border into Germany where Simone is going to be at the center of a bukkake party. And indeed, a little later she is doing a striptease for about fifyoung teen guys who are all eager to fuck her!
  • Sleeping beauty
    Sleeping beauty
    Leona is at home getting pretty bored with herself so she decides to play with her tits and her pussy for a while. After she has come she is so tired, she falls asleep with her legs still spread. And that is a nice surprise for Marcel when he enters her room...
  • Fucking the nurse
    Fucking the nurse
    Jean is supposed to be on a diet but when he gets the chance he stuffs himself with anything he can lay his hands on. This is not to the liking og Cherry, his nurse who would rather see him eat fruit. So Jean shows her what bananas are for...
  • Sluts revisited month
    Sluts revisited month
    Welcome to Jim Slip's, ""Sluts revisited"" month! This is where especially slutty girls from the past have been brought back for more fun. This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel's first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut.
  • Caught in the open
    Caught in the open
    Zdenka has a day off so she wanders into the wide open to take her blanket for a walk, pick some flowers and do some topless sunbathing. But then Rick, our grand explorer of the wild stumbles upon the innocent girl. Will she be able to withstand the beast?
  • Delicious Kitty Black
    Delicious Kitty Black
    This week we have the delicious Kitty Black. The gorgeous 19 year old trekked all the way from Siberia to star with me and wow what a bum! I don't know what the girls eat or drink in that part of the World but they've all got the most cute, round arses!
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