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  • Dressing for sex
    Dressing for sex
    A guy is asking a blonde girl for directions and then tells her he is looking for models. After some hesitating she goes with him to his studio where she chooses some sexy clothes. Then she blows and fucks the guy on a couch.
  • Sex on the camping
    Sex on the camping
    It's weekend and Johan is camping out in the forest. He's just enjoying the peace when a female inspector comes by and asks for his camping permit... which he doesn't have! So the inspector comes up with an odd solution: He can stay as long as he likes as long as he gives her a good fucking first!
  • A strange sight
    A strange sight
    Ally is taking her dog for a walk in the local forest when she notices a man making some very strange gestures a little further on. She decides to spy on him but she gets caught. Then it appears that the mans actions weren't as naughty as Ally thought...
  • So Hott she burns!
    So Hott she burns!
    Well you saw the ""Mother of all teasers"" in last weeks episode and now it's time for Angel Hott to take some hard cock! Remember this was her first xxx scene and she took to it like a duck to water, as we like to say over here.
  • Fucked in the forest
    Fucked in the forest
    Teenager Pauline is in the forest on her own. She has had a little too much to drink and falls asleep in between the trees. Without her noticing a strange man approaches who starts touching her up and rubbing her clit so her cunt gets wet enough for him to fuck her. Will he get his way before she wakes up?
  • A dick and a double dong
    A dick and a double dong
    Anna was desperate for some DP fun. Since I was the only bloke, she had to utilise my dick and an enormous double ended dildo. (To the uniitiated, a ""Double-ender"" or ""Doppelsetige!"" as the Germans like to say, is a dildo, that is constructed in such a way, as to allow a pair hot sex crazed lesbians to entertain each other, without leaving the room.
  • Caught in the act
    Caught in the act
    A girl is skipping school for the afternoon to take a walk in the forest. Thinking nobody is around she takes her clothes off, sits down and masturbates. But she hasn’t counted on the mighty hunter that is hiding up a tree...
  • Fucking challenge
    Fucking challenge
    A girl called Katie is approached by the cameraman, asking her to take part in a 500 Pound fucking challenge. She goes with himand when she takes her coat off she appears to be wearing only some see through bodiceand a pair of knee high boots underneath. He then fucks her thoroughly.
  • Being ravaged by 2
    Being ravaged by 2
    On this particular day, I was being torn apart by the, ""Piranha of xxx"", Rebecca and if that wasn't enough, she was being aided and abetted by my camera-person and wife, Lara Latex. So to put it more so simply, I was being ravaged by 2 of the most wanton sluts in the UK
  • Double young teen orgy
    Double young teen orgy
    After that DOUBLE young teen sex orgy on the bed, I barely had the strength to let the girls adjust their clothing and swan out into the main room for some more xxx action. You have to admit, they looked totally gorgeous in those skimpy tight dresses and heels. I didn't realise that Loz was up for some xxx ANAL ACTION!! Can you imagine it?
  • Fucking the cheerleader
    Fucking the cheerleader
    Well, you would have thought that after 30 minutes of rampant shagging, that Jenny would have been exhausted, but no, she was still desperate for cock. Anyway I didn't care either and we both had a fantastic fuck.
  • A willing model
    A willing model
    Tim has become an amateur photographer and hunting for models he finds Dana at the riverside. It doesn't take him long to convince the girl she will be a perfect model. In fact she doesn't even object when Tim begins to take her clothes off....
  • Russian hooker lover
    Russian hooker lover
    Vlad has come over all the way from Saint Petersburg in Russia. He was diverced a year ago and today he wanted to try his luck with a Dutch woman. His preferences are blow jobs (""I love a good suck!""), wild women and pretty rough xxx sex. Now Vanessa looks pretty fragile but she could handle this Russian guy without any problem whatsoever!
  • The slut machine
    The slut machine
    Tim is playing the slot machines and he is very lucky: The scores go higher by the minute! That doesn't go unnoticed by Ariana, our local golddigger. With dollar signs in her eyes she starts to make out with Tim who is a willing victim...
  • Her revenge for bad food
    Her revenge for bad food
    Electra Angel wants to try out the new bistro downtown. Is it her imagination or is this old waiter looking funny at her? She orders anyway but the food she gets is horrible, so she rubs his face in it. To save the evening she comes up with a fucking great dessert!
  • Fucked on top of the bar
    Fucked on top of the bar
    A guys is sitting at a bar. He is slightly drunk and tries to have it off with the bar maid but she isn’t interested in him. Instead she goes up to an older fellow who is at the other end of the bar. She bears her tits for him one by one and then gives him a blow job before he actually fucks the girl on top of the bar.
  • Between 2 Bi Cocks
    Between 2 Bi Cocks
    This babe is about to have one of the best days of her life as she first chats up an older guy while waiting for her young boyfriend to arrive, and her hottest fantasy comes to life when her young boyfriend takes the older guys' cock in his mouth and starts sucking away! The mood is definitely on now, and once they've formed a bi triangle of XXX fuck hotness they see just how exciting it is for guys to XXX fuck girls and other dudes together in one bisexual MMF sandwich they can all take a bite out of! For the best in BI look no further than BIMAXX!!
  • Screwed under the bridge
    Screwed under the bridge
    A young girl is spraying graffiti on a concrete wall when a tramp frightens her. She gives the guy a blow job and a little later on he is fucking her hairy pussy. Then she kneels down to jerk him off until her comes over her small tits.
  • Sexy Hooker
    Sexy Hooker
    Jim was one of the first tourist to book a trip trough redlightsextrips, he ordered a cute good looking girl with a fit body, tiny tits and a tight booty! We found him a cute girl and he was more than happy with it! This girl just loves to give sloppy blowjobs and the tourist was more than satisfied when he sticked his cock up her tight pussy to fuck her in every angle possible! In the end this prostitute let him cum all over her nice boobs to make the day even better!
  • Horny repair man
    Horny repair man
    A young girl finds out her TV isn’t working so she calls a repair man. After the guy fixes her TV she tries to seduce him by taking off her clothes. Then she gives him a blow job before straddling his lap in order to fuck him.
  • A horny customer
    A horny customer
    Marcel has gone into business and bought himself a roadside restaurant. As he had a small budget, most of the place is made of plastic and there is no toilet. The place looks so run down that it attracts the oddest customers as Marcel finds out today...
  • Pleasing the mistress
    Pleasing the mistress
    This teenage mistress has an old man as a slave. She keeps him in the cellar, only making use of him when she wants to. Then she cracks her whip, gives the guy a blow job to warm him up and fucks his eyeballs out until he screams for mercy!
  • A spanking good fuck
    A spanking good fuck
    A girl in a pink dress and black stockings enters the room where Jim Slip is waiting for her.She shows her ass and pussy to the camera. She gets across Jim’s knees to get spanked and then she gives him a blow job before he fucks her.
  • Senior seduces a teen
    Senior seduces a teen
    We don't know how he does it but old Bert has managed to catch another fish... or should we say pussy? Anyway, Lillian is pretty impressed by Bert's book collection and soon enough she throws herself at him... Well, with a little help that is.
  • Fucking the prisoner
    Fucking the prisoner
    A young girl in a military uniform takes a guywho is sneaking around prisoner. She brings him inside and tells him to take all of his clothes off. She watches him jerking off before giving him a blow job and fucking him on the bed.
  • Girl picked up from the street
    Girl picked up from the street
    A girl in a car is approached by a man with a camera and asked to do a sex movie. First she gives him an extensive blow job and then she gets fucked by him on the couch until she comes, screaming with pleasure.
  • Nataly Von anal action
    Nataly Von anal action
    The scene with our lovely Nataly is truly an example of those stories you read about alien abduction or a remote town being rained on by frogs. Here we have a total babe, met in a park whilst innocently reading a book and within an hour of this, ""Strange Encounter"", this beautiful babe has dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a mini-kilt and is being mercilessly screwed in the bum by your host Jim Slip!
  • Secretaries nailed
    Secretaries nailed
    Cute daring secretaries nailed by their horny boss pecker
  • A hot cook
    A hot cook
    Bert has found himself a new help for in the kitchen and today Lenka has prepared a very special meal for him. Unfortunately Bert doesn't appreciate the gesture. Well, it would have been better if Lenka turned the gas on. It is good job she has other qualities too..
  • The full treatment
    The full treatment
    Jan is suffering from erection problems so he goes to see Doctor Lucie. She is not a woman of many words but her treatments are never without effect... although we wonder if a tablet of Viagra would have been less painful...
  • Fucking at the computer
    Fucking at the computer
    A young blonde girl walks into a room where a guy is working behind his computer. They start kissing each other and then they guy licks the girls pussy, making her moan. A little later the both of them XXX fuck on the floor.
  • Fucking for fun
    Fucking for fun
    Well as you can see Lea was gagging for fun. It always amazes me how these girls just love hot, hard sex. Yes, I know they like crisp cash, but that's just the icing on the cake. What they like above all is cash + cock, the perfect combination. In this weeks exciting episode Lea decides that normal sex just isn't enough and insists on some hot anal action and you can see as she takes it with gusto whilst flirting with the camera.
  • Dressed like a slut
    Dressed like a slut
    Mia is causing her teacher and her school director a lot of trouble. In stead of wearing a uniform, she appears in class dressed like a slut. For girls like that there is only one solution: A good punishment! But we do wonder if Mia sees it that way...
  • The student slut
    The student slut
    This week I set sail in the good ship, “Slip” with my net in tow and trawled a very nice young teen student called Scarlet. Having done my usual routine, i.e., “You look like a model, fancy earning some wonga?” routine, she happily returned to our place and brushed up really well, as a so called “Jim Slip Babe”.
  • Nikki's kinky outfit
    Nikki's kinky outfit
    A girl and a guy are out on the street, talking to the camera. The girl is describing the clothes she’s going to where when the guy is going to fuck her. Later on she enters the room in a very xxx sexy outfit and gives the guy a blow job before he fucks her.
  • Fucking in the back of the van
    Fucking in the back of the van
    Finally Johan has a weekend off. A great opportunity to escape from his work and to take his girlfriend to a camping for a couple of wild nights. Rita is just as excited as he is: Before Johan has an idea what’s going on they are fucking in the back of their van!
  • Meeting a sexy angel
    Meeting a sexy angel
    Johan has just bought himself a car but when he comes home it appears to be ready for the scrap heap. He gets so excited his heart stops at the spot and a cute little angel receives him in heaven. And we all really hope this is what heaven is like for Johan - in his best underpants - is first given a blow job before the blond haired girl fucks him right back to Earth again!
  • A cruel teacher
    A cruel teacher
    As more and more naughty girls come in our local school has taken on a new teacher, one who does know how to handle his pupils... even without the use of a cane. Mind you, he had a very odd way of showing that he wants to have his dick sucked...
  • Sex at the bowling alley
    Sex at the bowling alley
    Old Bert is just busy bowling when a very annoying teenager comes in and starts pestering him. He gets so mad he drops his bowling ball on his foot! To make things up with him the schoolgirl strips off her clothes and starts fucking the old guy!
  • Bianka is far too hot to waste
    Bianka is far too hot to waste
    This week we have a young teen Treat for you, in the form of Bianka Lovely, European xxx's, ""Queen of the Teens"". Bianka was up for everything and more including some hot anal action, which she saved for the end. We dressed her up in a rather cute summer dress and some socks, which she looked great in and got stuck in.
  • Licking ass at the English lesson
    Licking ass at the English lesson
    Veronika has her English lesson today. ""Now say: I like to lick your ass"" says the teacher. The little slut repeats that sentence and the teacher laughs out loud. ""Okay then! You lick my asshole and then we are going to fuck you!""
  • Seducing the servant
    Seducing the servant
    It is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons and Anna Sofie is pretty bored with herself. All she has to do is some knitting and Jan, her husband, doesn't provide much entertainment either. So she calls the maid for some coffee... and a lot more!
  • Jogging and fucking
    Jogging and fucking
    Marcel is doing his daily run through the forest when he discovers a blonde nymphet resting on a bench. So he does what any man would do: He starts to jerk off in the bushes. The girl seems a little shocked at first but some cash makes her do anything...
  • Seamed stockinged nurse!
    Seamed stockinged nurse!
    On a cold January day we have a lovely, xxx sexy, nurse called Jessica who got in touch with me. She had decided that it would be very horny for herself to get dressed up in a nurse's uniform complete with seamed stockings and heels and get fucked!
  • Agnes, catch of the day
    Agnes, catch of the day
    This week we have the lovely, blonde babe, Agnes. Talk about a ""Catch of the Day"", I couldn't believe that after only a few minutes of my witty banter and an offer of crisp cash, Agnes agreed to come back to Chez Moi and be ravaged. Being the ""Gok Wan"" of British xxx, I tried her out in a few different kinky outfits, but settled on a sexy pilots uniform, complete with white hold-up sexy stockings with little blue ribbons at the top and a rather nice pair of red high heels.
  • A railway threesome
    A railway threesome
    Lucies young boyfriend is taking her on a surprise trip today: A long walk along the railway interrupted by a good fuck. However, the surprise is even bigger when they discover some guy who is spying on them. Now what would you do in that case!
  • Hostess with the Mostest
    Hostess with the Mostest
    This week we have the lovely Sunny Diamond.Naturally, we dressed her up as a sexy air hostess and as you can see, she brushed up spectacularly, especially with the stockings and heels and don't start me on the big juggs!
  • Senior lured from the woods
    Senior lured from the woods
    I was strolling through the woods – as that's where the local perverts hangout and Jim had pointed me in the direction of - looking for flesh to bring back and ravage, I happen to stumble upon a rambler. Looking like Charles Hawtrey, from the ""Carry On"" films, I found myself strangely aroused!
  • Redhead banged by old man
    Redhead banged by old man
    Dirk has got himself a new girlfriend and he XXX fucks her whenever he can and where ever he can, wether it is on the toilet, behind the bycicle shed or a quiet spot on a public parking place. And fortunately Lisa loves sex as much as he does!
  • A lovely Easter Chick
    A lovely Easter Chick
    Your eyes will pop out on springs when you see her at the top of the stairs waltzing down without a care in the world, showing off her knickers underneath her little skirt and you'll gasp for breath when you see her swallow my dick!
  • Blonde in need of a senior cock
    Blonde in need of a senior cock
    When Christina is in a horny mood there is no man who can resist her. Well, with one exception. However much she squirms her beautiful body, Tim completely ignores her. So it is time to drop the subtle approach and go for the kill!
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