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  • Fucking the nurse
    Fucking the nurse
    Jean is supposed to be on a diet but when he gets the chance he stuffs himself with anything he can lay his hands on. This is not to the liking og Cherry, his nurse who would rather see him eat fruit. So Jean shows her what bananas are for...
  • Sluts revisited month
    Sluts revisited month
    Welcome to Jim Slip's, ""Sluts revisited"" month! This is where especially slutty girls from the past have been brought back for more fun. This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel's first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut.
  • Caught in the open
    Caught in the open
    Zdenka has a day off so she wanders into the wide open to take her blanket for a walk, pick some flowers and do some topless sunbathing. But then Rick, our grand explorer of the wild stumbles upon the innocent girl. Will she be able to withstand the beast?
  • Delicious Kitty Black
    Delicious Kitty Black
    This week we have the delicious Kitty Black. The gorgeous 19 year old trekked all the way from Siberia to star with me and wow what a bum! I don't know what the girls eat or drink in that part of the World but they've all got the most cute, round arses!
  • A gentle mistress
    A gentle mistress
    Today we get to know a completely different side of our Paul as he visits a BDSM mistress. He's on his knees soon enough but her whips don't make much of an impression. Fortunately the Mistress is inventive enough to please Paul in another way...
  • College girl in action!
    College girl in action!
    I expect you loved last weeks scene with Irina cavorting around in a waifish little dress and gorging on my cock! Well this week you are truly in for a BIG surprise! Yes you are going to witness this student temptress successfully squeeze my dick into her tight pussy!
  • Sylvia lost in the park
    Sylvia lost in the park
    Every day Old Mireck goes for a stroll in the park which is not such a wise idea as the park is pretty large and Mirecks sense of direction is not what it used to be. Actually we are all pretty surprised that he manages to come home every time. But he might get a little help from the forest nymph that seems to dwell here. If the legend is true that is
  • A new apartment
    A new apartment
    Eva and her daughter were recently evicted from their old apartment and started looking for a new one. Luckily their good friend and landlord Tim owns a great place, but the rent he asks is fairly high. Perhaps there is another way they can pay him...
  • Computer Mates
    Computer Mates
    Jan Willem has scored himself a new girlfriend via a chatbox and young boy, is he eager to meet her. He even walked all the way up to the railway station to pick her up and on their way hom he just can't keep his hands off the young girl...
  • Linda gets spanked
    Linda gets spanked
    We're back on the streets in Hungary again where we meet Linda, a lovely blond teenager. Linda loves to be spanked as well as fucked so we took her to our place where she demonstrated how she masturbates before Jim fucked her in various positions!
  • Schoolgirl in stockings
    Schoolgirl in stockings
    I've had loads of emails regarding my new secret camcorder capers eg, ""Dear Jimbo, I just love your secret camcorder stuff it's so fucking sleazy watching you pickup tasty teens, you must easily be the sleazeast and sneakiest man in xxx, congratulations! JB Toxteth. Well, thanks for that, ""Accolade"", it makes me really proud! This weeks camcorder victim is the gorgeous, teen, Aliz. God is she hot, plucked from having a coffee in a cafe and turned into a COMPLETE RAMPANT SLUT.
  • Hanji loves anal sex
    Hanji loves anal sex
    As you can see Hanji was not only hairy, but also very hot! Those tights enclosing that mound of hair was also very sexy. this week on top of all the sex fun from last weeks episode you get to see me plunge my dick into Hajni's gorgeous tight arse!
  • Former school directorin action
    Former school directorin action
    Jan Willem is a former school director who has discovered that one of his ex pupils is a performer on an adult site. So he contacts the owner to see if he himself could do a video session with the girl. To his surprise, that is no problem at all...
  • Outdoor lick
    Outdoor lick
    A teenage girl is running through the forest. When she lies down to rest a guy with a magnifying glass crawls up to her. He starts to touch her all over and takes her panties off so he can lick her pussy, making her moan with pleasure.
  • xxx first-timer
    xxx first-timer
    Now that Gustav has spread the word that I'm a bit of a celebrity in this part of the World, girls are coming out of the woodwork, wanting to star in one of my scenes. So we have been ""Audition/ scenes"" This week, we have the petit, Amanda Baby, not her real name as you can imagine!
  • Teen femme fatale
    Teen femme fatale
    Well having enticed the delectable teen, Tiffani back to my lair and had my wicked way with her,in last weeks exciting episode, I was stunned to learn that she liked the old ""backdoor"" fun. You can really imagine a young Tiffani type, seducing some old diplomat with the promise of some hot action and bum fun! Anyway, as you can imagine, once I'd prised down those skin tight denims and saw what was on offer, you could have blown me down with a feather. Tiffani has definitely got one of the cutest bums on the whole website, I think you'll agree!
  • Sinning at the chapel
    Sinning at the chapel
    Marcel is just feeding the birds when his new girlfriend comes up to him. Surprised, he drops de plastic bag for the ducks to choke on... and on his knees when he and Ingrid approach a chapel. For Marcel surely is about to commit some sins here...
  • You want my arse Mr Jim?
    You want my arse Mr Jim?
    Kerry, my first, ""Auditionee"", was sensational and wasted no time in gorging on my dick, whilst watching herself. You see I turn the little viewfinder round the other way, girls are such shameless show-offs and simply love watching themselves suck a cock!
  • Dream fuck
    Dream fuck
    Bernard has had a rough night on the tiles and trying to wake up in his hotel room he orders some coffee. A minute later Alisha arrives but Bernard has fallen asleep again and now it is up to her to keep the customer satisfied... which she does!
  • Cheerleader gets fucked
    Cheerleader gets fucked
    This week we have one of the hottest girls ever. Jenny turned up and immediately announced, ""I love fucking the older men!"" She was only 19 years old and the only outfit she had to hand was an American cheerleaders outfit. Well when you see her, your eyes will pop out of you head. She was absolutely rampant and showed no shame at virtually, tearing my cock off it's roots in her crazed sex lust.
  • Hitch a ride home
    Hitch a ride home
    Hana is trying to hitch a ride home but she is not very succesful. A few yards ahead Pavlov is doing the same. The two of them join forces and Pavlov shows Hana his talents... and his supply of booze. And she is really desperate to get the last drops!
  • The new au pair
    The new au pair
    When Tim comes home he finds his new au pair in the kitchen, a young girl who seems to be a little simple. It takes him hardly any effort to have a look at her pierced nipples and before you know it the girl is naked on top of the sink. Which is a great opportunity to give her a proper fuck...
  • A lesson to remember
    A lesson to remember
    Michaelas teacher is getting absolutely desperate with her. She doesn't listen to him at all and generally misbehaves. So he takes her to the director of the school to see if he has a solution for the girl. Wel, he has, and it is hidden in his pants...
  • The computer repair man
    The computer repair man
    So there you are, a qualified computer repairman, just doing your job while you are being watched by a blonde stunner who is obviously turned on after visiting a load of xxx sites. Now should you stick to your job or pay her some attention first?
  • Priest fucking girls
    Priest fucking girls
    That preacher of fire and brimstone, the Rev.Thring is back again. This time begging for forgiveness from Lara for his ""Indiscretions"". Lara is already enjoying XXX LESBO LOVE ACTION with the lovely Satine. Lara in kilt, nylons and heels and Satine in thigh-highs and stockings.The Rev Thring has obviously watched , ""The Excorcist"" a few too many times as he keeps declaring, ""By the power of Christ I cleanse you"", or words to that effect. He is accompanied by a trainee priest, who appears to have forgotten his trousers. Anyway the power of HOT MINGE xxx ACTION from Lara and Satine, soon renders the power of the Bible useless and the girls drag the helpless priests into the quagmire of sin and sleaze.
  • The girl at the bus stop
    The girl at the bus stop
    This week I stumbled on a girl waiting at a bus-stop. You could have knocked me down with a feather, when after doing my usual patter, she just blurted out, ""I do not give a fuck about the money, I just want to get fucked in a xxx film!"" Well, knowing that the moths would have another week of safety residing in my wallet brought a well deserved smile to my face! Paige came back to my place and Lara dressed her up in a school-girl outfit complete with white shirt and school tie. She then put on some ripped fishnet tights and some thigh-high boots. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and i could not wait to screw her!
  • Attractive blonde
    Attractive blonde
    Attractive blonde pleasured hard by a horny ageing senior
  • His new assistant
    His new assistant
    Bruce is the janitor of the local tennis club and today he gets help from a new assistant. Patty is her name and she is a beautiful skinhead too. However, she is not very good at raking the court so she decides to show her other... talents.
  • A sporty fuck
    A sporty fuck
    An old man and a young girl are playing ball but the guy isn't as fast as he used to be anymore and the girl... we don't think she will ever break any records. But we do think the both of them have creative way with... balls.
  • Ramming beefstick
    Ramming beefstick
    Dude ramming stiff beefstick up her soaked tight cooter
  • Time for a raise
    Time for a raise
    After working for her boss for five years, Vera thinks it is time she got a raise. But Bert is an old miser who tells his secretary to fuck off. Good job there is a cleaning lady who knows exactly how to fulfill Vera's wishes....
  • Banging the maid
    Banging the maid
    Mireck has gotten himself another assistant from the social services and she appears to be as easy as her predecessors. Within minutes he has his hands up her skirt and before you know it she is pumping away. On the home trainer that is...
  • Hot reception clerk
    Hot reception clerk
    Rebecca has been working a the reception desk of the local sauna for a couple of weeks now and it is getting pretty frustrating: She hasn't seen a single naked guy yet! So today she is going to follow one of them into the dressing room...
  • Caught in the shower
    Caught in the shower
    A young girl is taken a shower at school. She feels horny and starts to masturbate. The school janitor is spying on her and starts masturbating himself too. When the girl looks horny enough he steps forward and demands a blow job.
  • A secret camera in my rucksack
    A secret camera in my rucksack
    I woke up feeling horny with really filthy thoughts in my mind. So I set off in the car and stumble upon a trucker who's broken down in a motorway services on the M23. I ask him if he knows where 'a ladies underwear shop in Crawley is'?
  • Marcels daydream
    Marcels daydream
    The local gym has been attracting a lot of female customers lately and that is appreciated quite a bit by its older members. Todays new face is Milada and when Marcel sees her for the first time he can do nothing els but daydream about the girl...
  • Succulent fresh meat
    Succulent fresh meat
    This week we have the delectable Priscilla Lovett who actually wrote to me asking if she could strut her stuff on Anyway, I got Priscilla on the bed for some close up and personal camcorder fun and it just got hotter and hotter after this!
  • The busty hooker
    The busty hooker
    We take our job of guiding people through Amsterdam pretty serious but as far as Anup (India) was concerned we could skip most of that and enter the Red Light District right away, What he wanted was a black girl with big tits and preferably young too. So our Rick took him over to Michelle who, as het told Anup, is capable of sucking a golf ball through a garden hose...
  • Girl in school uniform
    Girl in school uniform
    People have been writing in saying, ""Jim, why can't every week be school uniform week?"" Well in a perfect world it would be, but girls should be able to wear other stuff as well. Having said that, here's the lovely, student, Lucy, IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM. Yet sagin The Cap'n Birdseye of xxx has set sail and trawled in another tasty catch of the day. Lucy was a film school student who was eager to find out how we make films in the world of xxx. I think she expected to find catering trucks, jibs, gaffers and so on, not an old git in a suit with his dick hanging out!
  • Fucking in a garden
    Fucking in a garden
    Smoking hot cutie likes XXX fucking horny fellow in a garden
  • Sex in uniform
    Sex in uniform
    Well it's week 3 of our School Uniform Gala Extravaganza and this week we have the gorgeous Masie decked out in her old school clobber. Funnily enough she'd heard about my school uniform month and decided to drive over 100 miles in her jeep to participate and I must say it was well worth the trip.
  • Ass fucking Cyprus
    Ass fucking Cyprus
    Well folks, that school uniform didn’t only look good when Cyprus had it on: It looked even better when she slowly took it off! I confess, I nearly came while I was staring at her tits swaying about and when she lifted that little skirt to reveal her pussy I had to squeeze myself hard or otherwise it would have hit the ceiling. And lo and behold, she was in for some good old arse shagging too!
  • Hot police woman
    Hot police woman
    Alex was a police officer and she kept her uniform on while we were shagging away and I must say it was quite an experience. I still have my doubts if she would really walk the streets in that outfit and get taken serious by anyone...
  • Too drunk to fuck
    Too drunk to fuck
    A couple is sitting in the forest enjoying the sunshine. She has had too much to drink and falls asleep so the guy decides to leave. Meanwhile another guy arrives who starts playing with the sleeping girl and fucks her too.
  • The new employee
    The new employee
    Paul has become a factory manager and he has hired a girl to do the cleaning when the rest of the employees are away. However, the girl is more keen on listening to her fake iPod than actually working and that makes Paul pretty angry...
  • Mystery girl
    Mystery girl
    This week Jim Slip transports you into the exotic World of Hannah, full of Eastern promise and mysteries of the Orient. Well, I suppose there's not much ""Mystery"" in a Jimslip scene, but this week there is a bit of mystery and a very unusual girl!
  • Birthday fuck
    Birthday fuck
    It is Tim’s 55th birthday today but so far there has been no one around to congratulate him. That is, until the sound of the doorbell announces Kristyna’s arrival. She’s brought Tim a cake with a whipped cream pussy on it... and her own pussy too!
  • Spied upon in the shower
    Spied upon in the shower
    A young girl is being picked up by her older young boyfriend for a party which she has forgotten about. WHen she takes a shower he crawls into the bathroom to spy on her. When she notices he fancies having some sex she puts him down on the couch for a blow job.
  • Horny tax inspector
    Horny tax inspector
    An old man is visiting the revenue office to settle some financial problems. The inspector, who is a very young girl, has some curious ways of solving her problems. To begin with she gives the guy a spanking, telling him to drop his pants and jerk off for her. Later on he has to lick her pussy and fuck her too.
  • A warm workout
    A warm workout
    It is Wednesday afternoon and that is the time Edgar works on his condition at the gym. But just when he is huffin’ and puffin’ away a dark haired beauty enters the room and soon it is obvious she is more interested in Edgar than in the equipment...
  • Her first ass lick
    Her first ass lick
    Katka would love to be a xxx model but she has hardly any experience. Well, the men from the model agency know how to deal with that! First the little slut has to lick an asshole and then she is treated to a double penetration!
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