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  • Japanese Rion's Private Pussy & CreamPie
    Japanese Rion's Private Pussy & CreamPie
    Japanese tramp strips naked to her hairy pussy. She takes the dick in her pussy in the slip position. She moans and breaths heavily. He cups her breast for the fun of it. After some fucking he jizzes in her cunt and the liquid flows out.
  • japanese anal
    japanese anal
    Hot Japanese girl with tiny boobs and young butt sucks so thoroughly her young boyfriend’s instrument, after that he penetrates her butthole in doggy style.
  • A little squealer
    A little squealer
    An Asian young teen is on her back on the bed getting XXX fucked by a guy. She keeps moaning louder and louder and the guy is XXX fucking her harder until he finally takes his condom off and comes over the girls tits.
  • Her first blow job
    Her first blow job
    An Asian young teen in a schoolgirls uniform is sitting on the floor. Opposite her is a naked guy and she is playing with his dick, gently jerking it off. She carefully takes the guys dick in her mouth and gives him a blow job.
  • Asian schoolgirl fucked by two men
    Asian schoolgirl fucked by two men
    A Japanese girl in a schoolgirls uniform is slowly undressed by two men. They fondle her gently while they remove her clothes. Before she is naked she gives both of them a thorough blow job and then she is fucked by them in turns.
  • Asian girl molested
    Asian girl molested
    A Japanese girl in traditional costume is sitting on the floor. There is a guy in his underpants behind her who is touching her up, squeezing her tits and licking them. Another guy joins them and licks her ass and pussy before fucking her.
  • The love test
    The love test
    How well do xxx actors perform when there is no director to tell them what to do? We brought a group of newbies together on a secret location, dressed them up in swimsuits and watched what happened. And that was actually quite a lot...
  • Fucked on the train
    Fucked on the train
    A young asian girl is on a train when two guys start touching her up. Although she tries to defend herself they manage to play with her tits and her pussy. Then they take her to a seperate cabin to XXX fuck her.
  • Asian couple XXX fucking
    Asian couple XXX fucking
    An Asian girl is standing opposite a guy who is wearing a mask. She takes the mask off and then sucks his dick. They continue in sixty nine position. When the girl is only wearing her open crotch panties they XXX fuck in various positions.
  • Horny game show
    Horny game show
    We never get tired of watching Japanese game shows, especially when our team puts one together. You can be sure the contestants will always be beautiful and the activities hot, horny and definitely surprising in the end!
  • Talent hunt
    Talent hunt
    The girls did very well on their first half of the application... interview so now the show host and his assistent want to test them further. By letting them XXX fuck each other for instance. After that they sure will be ready for some real dick!
  • Japanese Creampie
    Japanese Creampie
    Japanese young teens are known for the fact that they're tight, hairy and they just love to fuck! This particular Japanese girl is no different and she goes all nuts on this Japanese dude his erection. He sticks his cock inside her tight hairy snatch and starts to pound her while the girl screams out loud. At the end he decides to shoot all his thick cum inside her hairy pussy!
  • Blindfolded fuck
    Blindfolded fuck
    We do get girls in here sometime that have pretty horny fantasies but are a little shy at the same time. This one dreamt of fucking a whole lot of guys but she couldn't really face up to it. So we put a blindfold on her and called in the guys who all fucked her in turn!
  • Asian foursome
    Asian foursome
    Four Asian girls in traditional clothing are sitting on the floor with four guys behind them. The guys fondle the girls tits and take the girls’ tops off. They play with their pussies, making them scream, and then fuck all the girls at the same time.
  • Asian teen in a threesome
    Asian teen in a threesome
    When an Asian teenage girl takes off her raincoat she is only wearing a bikini underneath. She is joined by two guys who undress her further, plying with her tits and pussy. Then both of them fuck her in turn.
  • Japanese teen sex
    Japanese teen sex
    An Asian teenager is joined on the bed by a man who removes the top of her dress in order to fondle her tits.n She then gives him a blow job and finally he XXX fucks her in various positions, making her cry from pleasure.
  • Big titted Asian girl
    Big titted Asian girl
    It is not very often that a big breasted girl visits our studio so when one does, we do make the most of it. First wel let her play a bit with those balloons and then, after adding a good load of lubricant, we give them a thorough fucking!
  • Showing herself in public
    Showing herself in public
    A Japanese girl is in a park. When she opens her long coat, she is naked underneath. She walks through the park, showing her body off to the camera. Then she takes a taxi to the city center where she shows herself off too.
  • Hot Asian foursome
    Hot Asian foursome
    Two Asian guys and two girls in uniforms are on a bed. The guys are playing with the girls pussies, making them squeal with pleasure. The girls are then forced to suck they guys dicks before both of them are fuckied in various positions.
  • Asian group sex
    Asian group sex
    During a Japanese game show four girls in fantasy outfits are set up to fight each other, during which they pull each other’s clothes off. Later on a group of men joins them and all four girls are undressed completely and then fucked.
  • Oriental girl fucked
    Oriental girl fucked
    An Oriental girl is lying on the bed with a man touching her up, sticking a finger up her pussy. He then fucks her for a long time until he cums and as the camera zoom in we can see the cum dripping from her hairy pussy.
  • Big boob threesome
    Big boob threesome
    An Asian girl with big tits sits on the bed with a guy on either side of her. They stroke her large boobs and rub her pussy through the fabric of her panties. When she is naked she sits down on top of one of the guys in order to XXX fuck him.
  • Japanese schoolgirl week
    Japanese schoolgirl week
    It's Japanese Schoolgirl Week at jimslip and the ""Gok Wan"" of xxx (Moi) has struck again! Does anyone else think ""Gok Wan"" is a made up name since if you reverse it it could become ""Van Gogh"" the great painter and decorator! Anyway back to the gordeous Sami, who looked great dressed up like every schoolgirl in Tokyo, complete with prancing about and giggling. Jamming my engorged dick in her mouth, brought the giggling to an abrupt end and we had a great shagging session!
  • Asian foursome
    Asian foursome
    Two Asian girls and two guys are fooling around with each other on a bed. Then one of the girls is pushed down on the mattress. Her panties ar removed, her legs spread and a large vibrator moved over her clit, making her scream with pleasure.
  • Asian foursome
    Asian foursome
    Two Asian couples are on the floor, kissing each other. The guys undress the girls and play with their tits. Then they massage their pussies too and in return the girls suck the guys’ dicks. Both girls end up on the floor getting fucked.
  • Touched up and XXX fucked
    Touched up and XXX fucked
    An Asian girl with her breasts bare is put on the bed and two guys join her. They touch her up and she sucks them in return. When she is completely naked she is laid on her back en XXX fucked by both guys in turn, making her moan loudly.
  • Sexy game show
    Sexy game show
    We never get tired of watching Japanese game shows, especially when our team puts one together. You can be sure the contestants will always be beautiful and the activities hot, horny and definitely surprising in the end!
  • Double take
    Double take
    An Asian girl in a white dress is sitting on a bed, flanked by two guys who begin to play with her body. After her pussy has been licked she gives both of them a blow job and then she gets XXX fucked by both guys in turn.
  • First time XXX fuck
    First time XXX fuck
    A young Asian girl is kneeling down in front of a guy. She sucks him and tries to get the whole of his dick into her mouth. The guy then continues by XXX fucking her very gently while a middle aged woman is watching the both of them.
  • Japanese Threesome
    Japanese Threesome
    Another eighyoung teen year old Japanese girl who just loves to get freaky. This time we ordered two guys to take advantage of her tight virgin pussy! Watch how she gets fucked and while screaming it out, she gets another cock stuffed inside her mouth!
  • Asian blow job
    Asian blow job
    An Asian girl is giving a guy a blow job. She lets her tongue slide over his glans and then takes his dick all the way into her mouth. After he has come she opens her lips and lets the sperm drip on her open hand.
  • Asian threesome
    Asian threesome
    An Asian girl is sitting on a bed with two guys next to her. They undo her bra and play with her nipples, then they shove her panties aside and stroke her pussy. Finally one of the guys XXX fucks the girl.
  • Asian threesome
    Asian threesome
    An Asian guy is lying on the bed with a girl on either side. The stroke him and one of them sits on his face to have her hairy pussy licked. The guy then fucks one of the girls ending up with the both of them jerking his dick off.
  • Not so innocent
    Not so innocent
    It happens sometimes that a girl enters our studio that looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But as soon as the cameras are rolling it is exactly those girls who trun out to be the hottest! Take this one for instance. She looks like innocence itself but when she gets her mout or her cunt around a cock she sucks and fucks like an animal!
  • Orental sex lessons
    Orental sex lessons
    The Japanese consider sex to be a real art and therefore we have approached a real sex teacher to train our newcomers. Very patiently she explains to our new girls how to please a man by giving him a gentle massage... and a blow job!
  • Fucked on the toilet floor
    Fucked on the toilet floor
    An Asian girl is giving a guy a blow job on the toilet of a moving train. She then bends over. Her skirt is lifted so the guy can fuck her from behind. Then he lays her down on the floor of the toilet in order to fuck her again.
  • Asian foursome
    Asian foursome
    An Asian girl is sitting in a chair with a naked guy on either side of her. They make her suck their dicks in turn. Later on she sits on the dick of a third guy who is fucking her. They change position and the girl is fucked from behind.
  • Wild Asian XXX fuck
    Wild Asian XXX fuck
    An Asian couple is in 69 position on the bed. He is licking her hairy pussy while she is giving him a blow job. Then he lays her on her back and spreads her legs wide, shoving his dick all the way into her pussy and XXX fucking her wildly.
  • Girl drinking cum
    Girl drinking cum
    Not all of our models are happy with just one dick. This Asian girl for instance wanted to have two at the time to suck so we obliged. We could tell she was really enjoying herself and when the guys came she held up her hand in order to drink it empty later on!
  • Asian girl gets licked
    Asian girl gets licked
    A young Asian couple is sitting on a couch. The girl crawls up to the guy and starts to kiss him. He lifts her skirt up and rubs her crotch. She then lies down, lowers her top and he pushes her panties aside in order to lick her.
  • Gang bang in the dark
    Gang bang in the dark
    So you want to play with your girlfriend, squeeze her nipples, finger fuck her and get your dick sucked by her. You even want a couple of friends to join in. But the walls are paper thin so how do you go about that? Well, very quietly...
  • Whipping cream fuck
    Whipping cream fuck
    A group of Asian people has just finished dinner. One of the girl is touched up by one of the guys who bares her breasts. When the girl is undressed two guys cover her body with cream, shove fingers up her pussy and finally fuck her too.
  • Asian sperm collectors
    Asian sperm collectors
    Three Asian girls are told to collect a vast amount of sperm into a plastic jar. They do so by sucking off a large group of men, saving their sperm in their mouths and spitting it into the jar. In the end they hold the well fill jar up to show how much they have gathered, receiving a round of applause from the guys.
  • Gentle blow job
    Gentle blow job
    This asian girl knows exactly how to handle a dick: She rubs it gently with her fingers and tongue before sucking it slowly, very slowly. When the guy finally comes he spouts his semen right into her mouth. When she sticks her tongue out it is still covered in cum!
  • Oily tit fuck
    Oily tit fuck
    An Asian girl is sitting on a bed, playing with her large boobs. A guy lies down with her and she sucks his dick. Then she covers her massive tits with shiny oil and rubs them against his hard on.
  • A hand and foot job
    A hand and foot job
    Not every girl is an expert at hand jobs but this one is an exception. Moreover, she even knows how to jerk your dick off with her feet! Is this some old Japanese tradition we have never heard of before? Well, it sure is an odd but very exciting way to make a guy come!
  • Talented cocksucker
    Talented cocksucker
    Not all girls that visit our studio are easy going. Some of them need a little persuading before they perform. This one however started sucking the dick of her partner like it was nobody's business. You be the judge of her fine techniques: A girl like this can come and visit us anytime!
  • young Asian girl fucked
    young Asian girl fucked
    An Asian girl is stripping off her clothes in a hotel room. She joins a guy who is on the bed, lowering herself slowly over his erect dick. Then he fucks her in various positions, making her moan with pleasure before coming over her face.
  • Fucking in the car
    Fucking in the car
    An Asian girl is on the back seat of a car, spreading her legs and showing her panties to the camera. A little later she is sucking the dick of the driver. She climbs onto his lap and fucks him, moaning loudly. Then she jerks him off until he comes in her mouth.
  • A long blow job
    A long blow job
    A Japanese girl in a swimsuit is on her knees, sucking the dick of the guy standing next to her until he is really hard. She lowers her suit and he fucks her in between her small tits. The she blows him again until he shoots his load into her mouth.
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