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  • My girlfriend amateur in red lingerie scene 3
    My girlfriend amateur in red lingerie scene 3
    We haven’t seen each other for a long time and I really missed my girlfriend amateur Roxana. I didn’t know what a hot surprise she had prepared for me today! But when I saw her in the erotic red lingerie and black stockings my biggest amateur dick grew even harder and fatter. Just watch my GF pose and masturbate sexily in the expectation of our favorite doggy and back position amateur homemade sex that I was about to plunge into!
  • Stockings Sex at the Second Date
    Stockings Sex at the Second Date
    That hot chick is so pretty and salacious, and she doesn't hesitate to let the whole world see her amateur heel xxx video. And what should she be ashamed of? Her body is perfect, her sexy stockings and kinky high heels so arousing, her deepthroating techniques truly impressive. The nasty sexdoll blew her young boyfriend away with that awesome fucking session, and be sure that you'll be left breathless too!
  • Walk and hard XXX fuck for amateur couple
    Walk and hard XXX fuck for amateur couple
    Hey everybody! Our hot amateur couple is here for you! This is the first movie from our series of couple sex movies and we are glad to introduce us to you. Well, Yulia and Stas – that sounds great, doesn’t that? The day is wonderful today and we are in the park walking and talking about everything in the world so that you could better know us. And when we come back home our amateur sex storie starts. My hot girlfriend gets naked letting me admire her nice tits naked and sexy juicy ass. I start fucking her amateur pussy and then pass to the wild anal sex that ends up with strong orgasm for both of us!
  • My hot girlfriend in school uniform
    My hot girlfriend in school uniform
    My hot girlfriend Melena likes getting me surprised! And today she prepared a really great surprise! She put a school uniform on. Oh mine! White blouse, checked mini skirt and white stockings – could I dream about anything better or hotter? Our naughty amateur couple walks around the city and I record one of the hottest homemade sex tapes you have ever seen with my girlfriend amateur baring off ass in public, demonstrating the upskirt view and masturbating pussy in the boat! Then we go to the solarium and end our day with the wonderful young amateur sex!
  • Amateur XXX fuck high in the mountains
    Amateur XXX fuck high in the mountains
    This is our another private sex video and I and my GF are again high in the mountains. I know that my hot girlfriend feels extremely turned on looking at the blue sea underneath. Knowing about that I like taking her to the picnics:) I enjoy my GF strip off and pose for me like a nymph and I admire her nice amateur tits and amateur pussy and when she turns her sexy nude ass to me I lose any control and heavily penetrate my insatiable teaser!
  • GF strip tease in a public place
    GF strip tease in a public place
    Nice to meet you, we're Octav and Lory, and we can't wait to let you see our private xxx vids! The idea of strangers watching us fuck has always seemed very thrilling to us, and when we learned about this project, we had no doubts that we should take part in it! Hope you'll like our homemade sex tapes!
  • Nice amateur couple fun
    Nice amateur couple fun
    We were always dreaming about shooting the raunchy couple xxx sex video on the beach and today in the morning I and my GF took our friend Zhenya and went to the golden shore to have some fun and pleasure. At least I was greatly satisfied with the view of my amateur girl friend and another babe walking naked in the blue water. We tried to record some nude couples fucking on the sand but unfortunately there were too many people. On our way home girls demonstrated the amazing amateur tits from the window of the car. When we came back home I played with my xxx sexy amateur girlfriend’s xxx sexy nude ass and furiously penetrated her amateur pussy!
  • Couple sex tape from the pool
    Couple sex tape from the pool
    Lory wanted to go to the swimming pool today, but you know those girls, she whined that she had nothing to wear and so on. So I took her shopping, that’s the best way to make your cute girlfriend happy and grateful :) I wasn’t allowed to follow her to the fitting room, but we found a way out. Lory took the camera with hert and filmed an awesome scene for our sex tape video. Seeing her trying on clothes and lingerie is something special, I swear! Finally she chose a sexy bikini, and we were ready to go swimming. However, we forgot all about swimming as soon as we took our clothes off. We went to the changing room, locked the door and made this cool amateur xxx video. Now that I’ve watched it back home I think somebody must have heard us moan, but what the hell :)
  • Threesome at the amateur xxx sex party scene2
    Threesome at the amateur xxx sex party scene2
    On the seventh day of our young amateur video I decided to arrange the amateur xxx sex party in the cottage. Unfortunately my cute amateur girlfriend didn’t get to the party, she came late at night and though I was damn tired we went to the café where we both had much fun. When our naughty amateur couple came back to the cottage we met a blonde chick that without any doubts agreed for the hottest threesome fucking on our amateur xxx video!
  • Sex lovers playing raunchy games
    Sex lovers playing raunchy games
    I got the real shock from my naughty GF today. When I entered the room I was immediately arrested by my sexy amateur girlfriend wearing the policewoman uniform and holding the gun in her hands. She ordered me to fulfill all her wishes and I was forced into walking like a dog and getting the hot wax all over my body. I was very obedient and my hot girlfriend decided to reward me with the hottest striptease after which I drilled her amateur pussy with the gun and also with my biggest amateur dick!
  • Making my naughty GF feel orgasm scene 2
    Making my naughty GF feel orgasm scene 2
    I like watching my GF in various positions. She possesses wonderful and sexy juicy ass, dripping wet amateur pussy and gorgeous amateur tits that I like licking, kissing and fucking so much. I start tenderly touching the nude skin feeling it getting warmer and warmer under my hands. Melena quietly moans and begs me not to stop. In this real homemade xxx I penetrate my hot girlfriend’s holes like crazy making both of us quickly reach the explosive orgasm!
  • Apologetic XXX fuck with my naughty GF
    Apologetic XXX fuck with my naughty GF
    It is Friday today and we decided to have some good time in the company of our friends Ilya and Lera. Do you remember Lera? She is Ksenia’s best friend and I like her so much. Those real amateur tits and sexy tight ass of hers excite me really much. We were talking and laughing and playing one funny game when my hot girlfriend noticed my attention to Lera. Wow! She was really angry. The only thing I could do was to take my naughty GF to the empty room and plunge into the wild apologetic amateur sex with her!
  • Amateurs gone wild
    Amateurs gone wild
    Yeah, I wasn't feeling ok that day but I did pretend to be ok that’s why I was cleaning the floor… In my lingerie though)) My girlfriends kitchen fuck was amazing! I sucked off Oleg’s dick and when we were over with him I switched to his best friend. Having served them all – I did enjoy this couple fucking xxx – I got dressed and we went for a walk. I’m happy to have a young boyfriend who isn’t jealous when I’m enjoying amateur video sex with his friends!
  • Outdoor sex session with busty brunette
    Outdoor sex session with busty brunette
    Homemade couple vids are great for all lovers of the young homemade sex and amateur sucking dick action for sexy amateur girlfriends with sexy tight ass and hot amateur tits
  • Couple sex games for my naughty GF
    Couple sex games for my naughty GF
    I and my GF adore playing kinky couples sex games. We adore role playing when my hot girlfriend put various uniforms on and pretends to be either my nurse or my mistress. Today Dasha bought a school uniform. Damn, she looked like a naughty pupil and I just carved to fuck her really hard and punish that ass. I spanked her wet sexy ass and made her do the amateur oral sex and only then I rewarded my disobedient pupil with the raunchy nude couple fucking!
  • Homemade sex tape with pink dildo
    Homemade sex tape with pink dildo
    It was gonna be a great day for both of us. We played billiard a little bit and had several drinks but I guess it’s not that interesting for you. Well, as soon as we are at home our homemade sex tape became much more interesting with those crazy scenes in which I and my girlfriend enjoy the wild anal sex and oral fucking, then I take the pink vibrating dildo and my naughty gf experiences the strongest orgasm from the furious double penetration!
  • Couple sex at home and in the park
    Couple sex at home and in the park
    Our real amateur couple is absolutely hot and horny and this couple sex video proves this fact featuring me and my sexy amateur girlfriend in the best amateur sex. I and my GF were going to ride the bikes this morning but when I saw Krystinka pack the bag I felt so horny that couldn’t but talk her into some horny amateur oral sex and also couple sex fucking. Then we rode the bikes in the park where we found a quiet place and enjoyed one more biggest amateur dick fucking right there!
  • Role couple sex games
    Role couple sex games
    Sometimes my sexy amateur girlfriend makes me feel really mad like that day when I decided to make a surprise for her and arranged a photo session for us. I was waiting for more than 2 hours when she finally appeared. Damn, guys, I was so mad that didn’t even want to talk to her but my hot girlfriend knows how to make me feel better and rewarded me with the crazy amateur oral sex. When we came back home we played some role couple sex games in which I was a hooligan who enjoyed the naked couple sex with a good bimbo!
  • Amateur couple orgasm on a rainy day
    Amateur couple orgasm on a rainy day
    The weather sucks today in Moscow. Well, we are not disappointed at all because our nice amateur couple can always find what to do at home. Me and my GF go out to the balcony to smoke and Masha does the breath taking thing – being almost naked she goes on her knees and I enjoy my girlfriend sucking my biggest amateur dick. We return to the room for more girlfriend sucking and fucking action and being ready to cum we go to the balcony again to get the splash there. This is one of the best homemade adult videos you have ever seen!
  • Amateur girlfriend sex video
    Amateur girlfriend sex video
    My last weekend was absolutely exhausting, and you will know why when you watch the second episode of our teenage couple xxx project. First, I had to perform on Sensation night in our city since I'm a dancer. But even though I got tired, I couldn't refuse Edik when he wanted to film sexy couple xxx in the morning. And that's not it, only a few hours later our friends came to visit us. We cooked sushi, smoked a hookah, tried on my stage costumes. It would be a perfect pastime if I wasn't that tired. Thankfully, in the evening I could relax naked in the bath with my baby. We can be romantic sometimes, too, so there were candles and all that :)
  • Our couples sex games
    Our couples sex games
    We have one great idea about how to entertain today but first we should have breakfast. Well, homemade amature sex will also be great. We get dressed and go to the tree nursery. What our nasty amateur couple wants is to have sex in a public place. My hot girlfriend is absolutely shameless and she shows her sexy amateur tits to the passers-by and teases me with the view of her great super sexy ass. Unfortunately, people are not that fond of our idea and we didn’t have the chance to try real couples sex in public!
  • Couple sex fucking with vibrator
    Couple sex fucking with vibrator
    What we really love in our couples sex games is something new. Nessa got her new vibrator today and of course we couldn’t but test it in our couple fucking xxx. First my cute amateur girlfriend pleased me with the best amateur sucking dick you have ever seen. then I played the vibrator over her beautiful amateur pussy a little bit and only after that I slid the dick inside her vagina while she was working her clitoris with the working sex stuff!
  • Outdoor homemade sex video
    Outdoor homemade sex video
    Spending the day at home and working in the garden can sometimes be even hotter and better than the raunchy young couple sex in the public place. I adore watching my hot girlfriend Katya plant the flowers and she knows about it! She sexily approaches me and releases my already sticking hard cock from the pants. Damn, it immediately plunges into Katya’s hot mouth and she does the amateur sucking dick, then rides my stuff and lets me enjoy her amazing amateur tits. My pecker slides inside that amateur pussy and we have another private home sex outdoor!
  • Real couple xxx on Christmas scene 2
    Real couple xxx on Christmas scene 2
    Merry Christmas to everybody! The holiday spirit is everywhere in the city and my hot girlfriend seems to have prepared a good surprise for me. I am not mistaken and watch my GF in the sexy outfit approaching me and taking my cock in hands and skillfully petting it until I start moaning from real pleasure! My amateur monster dick is throbbing and it very quickly jumps into Eva’s widely opened amateur pussy and moves furiously inside. Huh! After the strong orgasm it is high time to have the festive supper!
  • Me and my GF in the solarium
    Me and my GF in the solarium
    Well, our hot amateur sex storie is like this… I and my gf went to the solarium that day. Hehe, my hot girlfriend Nessa was willing to get sun tanned. What a naïve bimbo! Could she think that once I would see her naked my cock will raise bigger and harder! She forgot about everything and plunged into the dirty amateur video sex in which my biggest amateur dick was skillfully worked up by the gorgeous amateur tits, mouth and pussy of my charming Nessa. The only thing is that she will have to go to the solarium one more time!
  • Couple sex video from the picnic
    Couple sex video from the picnic
    It is a great summer day, my hot girlfriend is wearing a tight pink dress and we are going to the picnic with the basket filled with some food and condoms, of course. We find a desolate place with a nice bench and I immediately set on it, pull my biggest amateur dick out and let my girlfriend amateur ride it like crazy at the same time rubbing the erected clitoris. Then I watch my GF sitting on the bench and worshipping my stuff orally. The lavish splash was a reward for her, and, be sure, we recorded everything on the sex tape video for you!
  • My girlfriend sucking
    My girlfriend sucking
    Finally Alex has found some free time to walk with me around the city and I talked him to go shopping. Of course, I had some kinky ideas and plans about his biggest amateur dick because I lack and miss it so much! Once we stayed alone in the changing room I quickly stripped willing to tease Alex with my amazing amateur tits and sexy tight ass. Alex got so excited that he offered me to come back home for more. Could I refuse this? See this sex tape xxx with my hot lips wrapping the stiff cock around!
  • Doggy outdoor sex with lavish explosion
    Doggy outdoor sex with lavish explosion
    Homemade couple vids are great for all lovers of the young homemade sex and amateur sucking dick action for sexy amateur girlfriends with sexy tight ass and hot amateur tits
  • My hot girlfriend sauna fuck
    My hot girlfriend sauna fuck
    When we decided to record these cash for sex tapes we wanted their content to be really hot and turning on. And what can be hotter than couples having sex in the sauna? So today I and my GF went to the sauna with our friends. My hot girlfriend looked absolutely great in her new bikini, so great that I couldn’t help taking her into the changing room and let her plunge into the amateur sucking dick during which our friend Olya was shooting everything on hot sex tape. my biggest amateur dick got really hard and soon I was packing Ksenia’s sexy juicy ass heavily!
  • Stockings Sex for Hot Chick in Glasses
    Stockings Sex for Hot Chick in Glasses
    This hot chick is a student and wants to work as a model to get some extra money. When she was invited to the job interview, she thought it was her dream come true. The pretty sexdoll didn't mind when the interview turned into sex discussion, and she was willing to show her deep throating skills to the producer. Sucking a big cock got her so turned on that she went for anal fucking without hesitation. Incredible stockings xxx video!
  • Couple sex game at the beach
    Couple sex game at the beach
    Today we decided to go to the beach to walk over the clean sand a little bit. The blue sea and clean sky plus the fresh breeze – everything was great! I set the camera and my hot girlfriend offered me to play our favorite game – “20 questions”. What do you think were those questions about? Of course, they were about sex. I and my GF both felt so turned on that soon we hurried up home where I got the raunchy amateur oral sex and also drilled my naughty GF in the doggy position after the shower!
  • Gangbang sex with a young brunette
    Gangbang sex with a young brunette
    Lingerie is a great present for every girl. I think my girlfriend will be happy to get a couple of lacy bras and panties. But I can't pick lingerie without advice of a woman. So I asked a beautiful sales girl to try a few items on. She did, and when my buddies and I saw her gorgeous body, we went speechless. This chick was meant for hardfuck xxx. Her ass - just perfect for hard anal sex. We tried to control ourselves, but her beauty was stronger. We wanted hot dp with the girl too much to ...
  • Hot group students orgy during their weekends
    Hot group students orgy during their weekends
    I was worried they wouldn't go to a drunk xxx sex party with strangers, but xxx sexy russian girls appeared very risky and adventurous! They kept us company, and we had a lot of fun together. I invited a young blonde student girl and her hot girlfriend ...
  • Wild fucking with sexy girls in friend's cottage
    Wild fucking with sexy girls in friend's cottage
    I was worried they wouldn't go to a drunk sex party with strangers, but sexy russian girls appeared very risky and adventurous! They kept us company, and we had a lot of fun together. I invited a young blonde student girl and her hot girlfriend ...
  • Horny couple fucking on picnic
    Horny couple fucking on picnic
    Our first sex tape video starts with my girlfriend waking up and stretching her flawless naked body. Then I followed her to the bathroom where she took a shower and shaved her pussy. After that we fixed us some breakfast and went fishing. There's a place in the country that we love, it's far away from town and there are no people there. Just the abandoned railroad, the river and us, totally naked and horny as hell. Check out my gorgeous Kitten sunbathing and fingering her pussy which got wetter ...
  • young brunette fucked on the beach in all holes
    young brunette fucked on the beach in all holes
    My girlfriend and I went on vacation to Thailand and brought a couple of friends along with us just for fun. It would be stupid to miss such a great opportunity and not film a xxx anal video there. So we found a great picturesque location with sandy desert soil, spread a rug out on the ground and began shooting a gandbang scene in exotic country. My lovely brunette girlfriend worked three cocks at once. It was not easy, maybe a little bit too rough for her (she's so tiny), but we ended ...
  • My naughty GF shower fuck
    My naughty GF shower fuck
    This is the home made video that features our morning entertainments. Sleepy Julie goes to the bathroom to take the shower and of course, I follow her. I feel so excited and I wanna have some furious homemade amateur sex. My hot girlfriend doesn’t mind getting a portion of rock hard penetration in pussy and some fresh sticky jizz all over body and after this morning fun our real amateur couple goes to the shop and gets satisfied there.
  • Amateur couple relaxation
    Amateur couple relaxation
    That was a long day filled with various meetings, talks and our quarrels so I and my girlfriend we felt absolutely tired and exhausted when came back home and we doubtlessly needed some good relaxation. And what can be better for the amateur couple than a good massage followed by the tender oral job and ending up with the nasty fucking? Kate is swallowing on my stick, then I lick her amateur pussy and do massage with the help of my ready to cum member!
  • Sex couple enjoying solarium
    Sex couple enjoying solarium
    Though it is a cold nasty weather outside I and my GF want to look suntanned so we decided to go to the solarium today. Of course, I took my camera with me hoping to make some piece of the couple sex video and when I saw my hot girlfriend naked I understood it would be a very horny part. Nastya looked absolutely beautiful with those gorgeous amateur tits and sexy juicy ass all nude and shining in the blue light of the solarium. I set the camera and we enjoyed the nude couple fucking and amateur oral sex!
  • Extreme orgasms in extreme places
    Extreme orgasms in extreme places
    Do you like extreme? We do and our naughty amateur couple decided to have the sexy couple fucking in the extreme places today. All day devoted to sex! Could you even dream about it? First my hot girlfriend brought me to the park. We quickly found a desolate place and Angelina wrapped the lips around my biggest amateur dick. I couldn’t bare that sweet torture for a long time and bent her over the tree to penetrate the amateur pussy heavily. When I exploded I went on knees and satisfied my naughty GF with the best pussy lick I have ever done. We ended up our day in the porch fucking like crazy before the working camera.
  • Brunette fucked hard on the pool table
    Brunette fucked hard on the pool table
    My sexy brunette girlfriend had just passed an important test in college, so I asked her out for a walk to just have some fun... But it was terribly cold outside. Walking in such weather would be stupid. Then I suggested going to the sauna with my friends. Of course I didn't say anything about my plans to film a xxx anal video. I decided to slowly entice my woman into group sex video with handsome young boys. It takes wit, skills and time. Since I'm very good at seducing women into dirty stuff, ...
  • Naked girlfriend fucked in solarium
    Naked girlfriend fucked in solarium
    We already told you we are a young horny couple, so don't expect us to shoot private xxx at home a lot. We only come home to sleep, and all the rest time we spend out with friends. So in the first video of our first season for cash for xxx sex tape we'll show you one of our regular nights. First, we went to a club and got completely drunk there. Then moved to a cafe and stayed there until morning... That means, though most young couples fuck at night, we do it in the morning. With the sunrise Sarah ...
  • Blonde Hot Scene Chick Facial
    Blonde Hot Scene Chick Facial
    Oh my, that blonde sexdoll is so seductive! If she wants to make a hot sex movie with her young boyfriend, she knows how to make him blind with passion and ready to anything. Watch her undressing slowly and playfully, teasing the guy and showing off that gorgeous body of hers. Finally the hot chicks wraps her lips around her young boyfriend's cock, ready to perform the unforgettable deepthroat. Extremely hot amateur xxx clip!
  • Tattoo Hot Chick Deep Throat Anal
    Tattoo Hot Chick Deep Throat Anal
    You can tell this hot naked chick is crazy about fucking! Look how pleased she is to do an extreme deep throat for her young boyfriend. Damn, this sexdoll sure knows how to get a guy to cloud nine! Even though the deep throat blowjob is great, her young boyfriend wants more, so he fucks the lustful girl in her every hole, making her scream with pleasure. After xxx anal fucking he came on her happy face. This is definitely one of the best amateur anal sex videos ever!
  • Facial cumshot for lovely teen
    Facial cumshot for lovely teen
    Cute teenage girl was hitch-hiking all alone. Of course she risked. I was shocked when she agreed to get in the car with three muscular guys (even though I was one of them). As if she was asking for outdoor group sex. I think poor girl simply had no other option. Of course it turned out she had nothing to pay with. But we didn't need much. Just a deepthroat blowjob. For each. And maybe an amateur anal fuck. Since the girl had no money, she agreed to pay with dp sex, and after we successfully performed ...
  • Hot reality sex with sexy chick
    Hot reality sex with sexy chick
    Today we weren't in the best shape to pick up girls, to be honest. We were tired after partying all night long, but still we decided to try and seduce some pretty chick. After a while we met a pretty redhead, who agreed to go to the Japanese restaurant with us. She was very outgoing, so soon we knew all about her work and personal life. It turned out that she needed money and had had no young boyfriend for 6 months. This is when we realized she was perfect for us! She agreed to show us her tits for 200 dollars, then we gave her 300 dollars more for seeing her butt. And after that she got so turned on that she agreed to blow us both. And no wonder, poor chick had no sex for so long! She was really insatiable and cock-hungry! Check out this awesome reality xxx!
  • Natasha risk sex video
    Natasha risk sex video
    Me and Max were trying to find a sauna in a desolate city district when we came across this lusty pick up girl named Natasha. She was so cute and sweet and helpful and agreed to show us around and take us to the sauna. Besides, she turned out to be absolutely cash crazed and we didn’t lose the chance and decided to talk her into something really dirty. It started with a usual thing: ‘Would you agree to show us your tits if we give you some bucks?’ She did! She also felt anxious to satisfy us ...
  • Hottie goes for amateur girls xxx
    Hottie goes for amateur girls xxx
    I waited for a really nice weather to come. Cause I wanted to shoot an outdoor sex scene, and there's no point in attempting when it's too cold and windy. So in a hot sunny day I took my cam and went downtown looking for pretty Czech chicks. But there was no need in chasing them, since a very attractive young girl approached me herself asking for a cigarette. She happened to speak English, so we talked for a while and I asked her to take a walk with me. All I wanted to get from her was a ...
  • Curly haired girl rides my cock
    Curly haired girl rides my cock
    A man can't walk by a girl in a sexy red dress without casting a look at her. A smart man with a lot of cash in his pocket can't walk by such girl without offering her public sex for money! That would be me :) Unfortunately young lady didn't speak English that well, but at least she understood what I was saying and got excited when I mentioned money. First, I paid her for showing me boobs naked in the street. That was easy, and pretty girl escorted me to the nearest park for more action. even thought ...
  • Small tittied babe enjoys sex
    Small tittied babe enjoys sex
    If you have ever dreamt about a frisky amateur chick in high heel boots whose slim body is ready for the deepest fuck then you should hurry up and see this cute babe looking great on the stiff member. She definitely enjoys deep throating and swallowing the cockand making it even harder, even bigger and fatter. And only after that she turns around and gives both pussy and anal hole for the furious insertion. It’s all about xxx pleasure!
  • Amateur anal XXX fuck at sexy student bash
    Amateur anal XXX fuck at sexy student bash
    A friend of mine, a sex-hungry and salacious college girl, wanted to throw a wild student sex party so much that she even lied to us that it was her birthday. How could we ever refuse the birthday girl? However, soon I found out that it wasn't her birthday after all, but by that time I was in a company of beautiful drunk party girls and I didn't give a shit about the real cause of this crazy party. I was gonna have wild party sex with cock-hungry and nude college girls, what can ever be better than that? Soon one of the horny college babes was blowing me right in front of everyone, and then I fucked her on the couch with everyone else dancing around us. When a cute blondie wanted to join this drunk sex session, I didn't mind at all...
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