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  • The boss fucks his secretary
    The boss fucks his secretary
    A company owner is having some fun in his office with his blonde secretary. First he licks her pussy for a long time. Then she gives him a blow job and the two of them end up on the couch for a long fuck.
  • Foursome on the bed
    Foursome on the bed
    A naked guy is laying on the bed. One girl is sucking his dick while another one watches them. While the guy XXX fucks one of the girls another guy appears whe screws the second girl.
  • Threesome on the couch
    Threesome on the couch
    A guy is on a couch wth two girls. One of them is kissing him while the other strokes his body. The two girls then suck his dick while the scene is watched by a second guy. He then fucks the first girl while the second girl is licking the first ones pussy.
  • A better blow job
    A better blow job
    A naked girl is on her knees in between two guys, sucking their dicks in turns. She sits down on the armrest of a chair and one of the guys fucks her. Then she sucks his dick again until he comes in her mouth.
  • Couple being spied on
    Couple being spied on
    In this classic black and white movie a guy and a girl are meeting up in the forest. They spread a blanket out on the ground, undress and start making love while being watched by a passing drunk.
  • Birthday surprise
    Birthday surprise
    A guy is getting a birthday present from his girlfriend. She lifts up a veil, showing him a young girl. A little later the girl is sucking the guys dick. She lays down so he can fuck her from behind while the other girl licks her pussy.
  • Spoiled for choice
    Spoiled for choice
    What do you do as a woman when there are so many men craving for your body? Well, simple: You just pick the nicest guys and let them have their way with you. But before the party really gets going you'll have to get them in the mood with a proper blow job...
  • BBW takes a bath
    BBW takes a bath
    A girl is standing in a bathroom, caressing her large tits. She takes off her panties and strokes her behind too. She takes off her shoes and steps into the bath. There she washes her tits and then massages her hairy pussy.
  • Retro chicks sucking
    Retro chicks sucking
    Retro naked chicks enjoy sucking a solid penis xxx hardcore
  • Vintage telephone sex
    Vintage telephone sex
    A blonde girl is on the telephone, talking about her fantasies. She is rubbing her crotch at the same time. A little later she puts the phone down and begins to rub her hairty pussy, moaning with pleasure.
  • Rough tit fucking
    Rough tit fucking
    A girl with long blond hair is sitting on the lap of an athletic guy. They kiss and the guy takes his clothes off so she can suck his long dick. Then she lies down on a low chair and he fucks her in between her tits until he comes all over her.
  • Fucking on the couch
    Fucking on the couch
    A guy is laying down on a couch while a naked girl sucks off his long dick. Then she lays down, spreads her legs and he puts some lubricant on the hairy pussy before fucking her with long, deep strokes.
  • Cooked up sex
    Cooked up sex
    A woman walks into her bedroom and starts to undress. When she is down to her undies, her husband enters, complaining about something. They start to kiss and she ends up naked on the bed where he licks her pussy and fucks her.
  • Four guys, one girl
    Four guys, one girl
    A blonde girl is wandering around in a darkened room. Suddenly four naked guys appear. They are stroking their dicks and watching her, flexing their muscles. A little later the girl is on her knees, sucking each guy in turn before they lift her up and XXX fuck her.
  • Sperm bath
    Sperm bath
    A guy is sitting opposite a mirror making compliments to the blonde girl standing behind him. The both of them strip naked and she gives him a blow job before sitting down on his lap to be fucked until he comes all over her face.
  • Classic blow job
    Classic blow job
    A naked couple is laying on a bed. The guy is kissing her nipples and rubbing her hairy pussy at the same time. A little later he lays down and she blows his dick, taking it all the way into her mouth.
  • Vintage group sex
    Vintage group sex
    A guy is laying naked on his back, having his cock sucked by a young girl. When the camera zooms out it appears that there is a whole group of people in the room. Some of them are fucking, some of them are giving or receiving blow jobs.
  • Lesbians in the bathroom
    Lesbians in the bathroom
    Two blonde girls are talking to each other in the bathroom. A little later one of them is licking the tits of the other one. Then the first girl sits down on top of the sink, spreads her legs wide to have her pussy licked by the other one.
  • Airplane fuck
    Airplane fuck
    A stewardess is clearing up inside and airplane when the pilot comes up to her and hugs her. He kisses her and begins to take her clothes off. A little later she sucks his dick for a while before they fuck in the passenger seats.
  • Interracial threesome
    Interracial threesome
    A young blonde girl is having lunch in the kitchen with a guy and a black girl. She rubs the guy over his crotch and a little later she is blowing his dick. When they are all naked the three of them move to the couch where the guy fucks both girls in turns.
  • Busty blonde gets fucked
    Busty blonde gets fucked
    A blonde girl and a guy are sitting on a settee, kissing each other. The guy is squeezing her tits at the same time. When they have taken their clothes off the guy sits down and the girl climbs on top of his lap in order to fuck him.
  • A hot religion
    A hot religion
    A woman in a negligee is talking to a guy who is sitting on a couch. She takes her clothes off and climbs on his lap to strip him off his. Chanting pseudo biblical texts the both of them lay down on the couch for an extensive fuck.
  • Vintage lesbian threesome
    Vintage lesbian threesome
    Three naked girls are standing against each other in the living room, kissing each other and stroking each others bodies all over. One of the girls sits down and the second one lays down over her lap so the third one can finger fuck her pussy.
  • Sandwiched by the pool
    Sandwiched by the pool
    Two guys and a girl are in the garden. They strip and climb into the hot tub that is there. The girl sucks one of the guys dick before both men take her in between them and sandwich her until one of the guys comes.
  • Anal XXX fuck with an audience
    Anal XXX fuck with an audience
    A guy with tattoos is sitting on a couch, fucking a girl on his lap. Another girl comes up and lubes the first girls ass. A little later the first girl is on her knees on the floor, getting fucked in the ass while the second girl is watching.
  • A blow job in the locker room
    A blow job in the locker room
    A blond woman with large tits is giving John Holmes a blow job in the locker room. She tries to take the full length of his dick all the way into her mouth. Afterwards he fucks her in various positions.
  • Interracial foursome
    Interracial foursome
    A black guy is sitting on a couch having his cock sucked by a black girl and a white girl. A little later he is XXX fucking the white girl while the other one gets her pussy licked by a white guy. A little later she is XXX fucked by him until he comes.
  • Fucked on the lounge
    Fucked on the lounge
    A naked blonde girl is in an outdoor Jaccuzzi. She is leaning back while a guy is eating her pussy. The she sucks his dick for a long time before laying down on a lounge, psreading her legs. The guy climbs on top of her in order to fuck her.
  • Classy XXX fuck after dinner
    Classy XXX fuck after dinner
    It looks like a classy get together at the dining table: The maid serves the foor and everyone enjoys the food. But when nighttime comes all the guests disappear into various bedrooms for some hot lesbian and hetero action!
  • Blonde girl gets toe fucked
    Blonde girl gets toe fucked
    A blonde girl is talking to an older guy who lifts her dress up so he can stroke her ass. A little later she is laying in a chair, massaging her pussy while the guy shoves his big toe into her pussy until he leans over to fuck her properly.
  • Vintage threesome
    Vintage threesome
    A blonde girl who is only wearing a bra is sitting on a couch in between two naked guys. She is playing with her very hairy pussy. The guys stand up and sheblows each one in turn, taking their dicks deep into her throat and changing positions every now and then.
  • A classic threesome
    A classic threesome
    A girl is laying naked on a bed. One guy is licking her pussy and another one her nipples. The men change position and while one of them fucks the girl in her mouth, the other one screws her in her pussy.
  • Vintage threesome
    Vintage threesome
    A guy is lying down on the bed. A blonde girl is sitting on his dick, fucking him while another girl sits on his chest, kissing the first girl. A little later the first girl is sucking the guy’s dick while girl number two is licking his balls.
  • Sex on the film set
    Sex on the film set
    A group of people is making a movie about a burglar who is armed with a knife, snooping through a house and attacking the girl who lives there. Later on the girl ends up in bed with another guy who fucks her while she plays with his balls.
  • Teenage threesome
    Teenage threesome
    Two topless girls are sitting on a bed when a guy enters the room. They invite him to come over. Soon he is licking one of the girls while the other one takes his clothes off. He ends up fucking one girl while the other sits on his face.
  • Outdoor bitch fight
    Outdoor bitch fight
    A large group of girls dressed only in bikinis is doing exercises outside. When they take a break a couple of them get into an argument. In the end the whole group is fighting each other, pulling each others bras off.
  • Nurse gets XXX fucked hard
    Nurse gets XXX fucked hard
    A guy is putting a fake plaster cast on his arm, just before a sexy nurse enters the room. A little later she is giving him a blow job. They move to the beathroom where she continues to suck him. Then they return to the bed where he XXX fucks her from behind.
  • Fucking on the stairs
    Fucking on the stairs
    A girl in a miniskirt is sitting on a chair. Next to her is a naked guy whose dick she is sucking. A little later she stands up and he fucks her from behind. The two of them end up at the top of the stairs where she sucks his dick until he comes in her mouth.
  • Gorgeous retro babe
    Gorgeous retro babe
    Gorgeous nude retro babe fondles her hairy pussy in bed
  • Classic group xxx sex
    Classic group xxx sex
    Classic scenes from a group xxx sex movie show us a girl who is being handled by two guys at the time and a pair of lesbians having fun with each other. One girl gets fucked by two dicks at the time, one in her pussy and the other one at the same time in her tight asshole.
  • Kitchen foursome
    Kitchen foursome
    Two couples are in a kitchen. The guys are undressing the girls, kissing them all over. One of the girls sits down on the sink to have her pussy licked before she gets fucked on a kitchen chair while the other one has her pussy filled on the table.
  • Banana eater
    Banana eater
    A group of people is sitting around a table, eating from a pile of fruit. A little later one of the girls is laying down on a bed, getting a DP from two guys. In the end there are three guys and two girls on the bed, all fucking each other.
  • Three way telephone sex
    Three way telephone sex
    An operator from a switch board calls his blond girlfriend to have some telephone sex with her. She starts masturbating at the other end of the line while he jerks himself off but what she doesn't know is that he has another girl under his desk who is giving him a blow job!
  • A good double fuck
    A good double fuck
    A black guy is sitting in an office. He is on the phone with a girl who is laying naked on her bed. A little later she is doing a striptease in front of two naked guys. They then fuck her simultaneously in her pussy and her ass.
  • Hot customer service
    Hot customer service
    When a somewhat confused customer arrives at the telephone company and asks for a particular girl, nobody knows yet he has fallen in love with her. The girl herself finds out soon enough thoug and after a while the both of them are fucking in one of the offices.
  • Screwing on top of his bike
    Screwing on top of his bike
    A guy and a young girl are in a dark garage. He handcuffs her and tells her she has t do anything he tells her to do. When the girl is nakes he rubs oil all over her body and then fucks her from behind on top of a motorbike.
  • Hippie foursome
    Hippie foursome
    A naked couple is on a bed, kissing each other. Another girl is next to them and strokes their bodies in turns. She gives the guy a blow job before he XXX fucks the other girl in her hairy pussy.
  • Interracial orgy
    Interracial orgy
    A blonde girl is sitting on a couch with her skirt hiked up and her legs spread while a guy is licking her pussy. A little further on a black girl is getting fucked by a white guy while another guy on a couch is getting his dick sucked.
  • Erotic dancer at work
    Erotic dancer at work
    In this black and white movie we see Sheree North, an exotic dancer, dressed in a panther suit. She is dancing on a terrace in the garden, swaying her body to and fro. A little later she appears again, this time in a tight bikini.
  • A busty threesome
    A busty threesome
    A guy is peeping into a bedroom where a busty woman is giving two guys a blow job in turns. She continues to suck one guys dick while the other one is fucking her from behind. The men then come in her mouth and over her big tits.
  • Hot tennis lesson
    Hot tennis lesson
    A young, long haired teenage girl is playing tennis with a guy. They interrupt the game and the guy undresses the girl, stroking her lithe body all over. She suck his dick and he licks her pussy in turn before the both of them fuck on the gravel.
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