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  • A rough ride
    A rough ride
    A guy is dragging a blonde girl into a bedroom and throws her down on the bed, kissing her roughly. The next moment the two of them are fucking, during which the girl is nearly folded double on the bed. A little later his sperm is al over her hands.
  • A hard fuck
    A hard fuck
    In this black and white movie a young blonde woman is showing her naked body off to a man who is laying on a bed. A little later she climbs on top of him, shoving his dick into her pussy and fucking him. Then she gives him a blow job until he comes.
  • Horny job applicant
    Horny job applicant
    A young girl walks into an office to apply for a job with two men. A little later she is on her back on the desk, getting fucked by one guy and sucking the other guys dick until she comes, screaming loud.
  • Two hot nurses
    Two hot nurses
    A half naked guy with his head in bandages is laying on a bed. On either side of him are two nurses who wash his dick. A little later one of the nurses is on top of the guy, XXX fucking him until he comes on her hairy pussy.
  • Lesbian fantasies
    Lesbian fantasies
    A girl in lingerie stands at a window, gently rubbing her body and holding a tubelight against it. She fantasizes about three naked women who are kissing and licking each others pussies on a stage.
  • Vintage double fuck
    Vintage double fuck
    a couple is laying down on the sofa fucking each other while a second girl is licking the first ones pussy. Then the first girl climbs on top of the guy and lowers herself over his dick. A second guy joins them and fucks the girl in her ass at the same time.
  • Instant phone sex
    Instant phone sex
    In this classic scene a guy calls his girlfriend at the telephone exchange, telling her what he is going to do to her that evening. The girl herself however is having it off with another guy at the same time, making her young boyfriend's fantasies come true before he even knows it!
  • Blonde threesome
    Blonde threesome
    A guy is taking photographs of two blonde girls on a bed. A little later he is on the bed himself, fucking one of them. The both girls lay down and masturbate in front of the guy who jerks himself off on them.
  • Camping threesome
    Camping threesome
    A topless girl is lying on a couch when a guy and another girl start to tickle her, making her scream. A little later the three of them start to kiss and stroke each other. The three of them end up naked on the bed where the two girls lick the guy’s dick.
  • Banana pussy
    Banana pussy
    A naked girl is laying upside down on a settee with a banana shoved into her pussy. A guy peels off the skin of the banana and eats it. A little later he is laying down and the girl is giving him a blow job until he comes in her face.
  • Interracial screw
    Interracial screw
    A black guy and a white girl enter a room. She is obviously drunk, faling over and landing on the bed. When they are naked the guy fucks the girl, slowly at first but then faster and faster.
  • Retro rough fuck
    Retro rough fuck
    A guy who s only wearing trousers walks into a bedroom where a half dressed girl awaits him. He sits down so she can suck his dick. Then she lays down on the couch and spreads her legs so he can fuck her. He finally comes all over her face and tits.
  • Lesbians from the fifties
    Lesbians from the fifties
    Two girls, both with their clothes on, are on a bed. One of the girls takes the other ones bra off. A little later both of them are naked and they are licking each others pussies and tits in turns, ending up in 69 position.
  • Retro lesbians in action
    Retro lesbians in action
    Two naked women have just come from under the shower. They walk into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. One of them gives the other one a massage, ending up with licking the other girls tits and massaging her pussy.
  • A man in a cage
    A man in a cage
    A guy is having a drink with a girl when she tells him she has put sleeping powder in his glass. When he wakes up he is naked and in a cage. The girl parks her but against the bars and he fucks her from behind. But when she lets him out, he takes her prisoner.
  • Lucky chick enjoying
    Lucky chick enjoying
    A lucky retro chick enjoying two cocks at the same time
  • Foursome on the bed
    Foursome on the bed
    Two couples are on a bed, undressing each other. One of the guys has his dick sucked by his girlfriend while the other couple fuck. The first girl keeps sucking until her young boyfriend comes with a loud moan.
  • Posing in the river
    Posing in the river
    A girl in a checkered coat is wading through a river. When she sits down and takes her coat off she appears to be completely naked underneath. She continues to pose in and around the water, showing herself off to the camera.
  • Fucking the nurse
    Fucking the nurse
    A doctor is checking on a female patient while a nurse in miniskirt is waiting for him. He lays the nurse down on a table and takes off her panties. The both of them fuck while the patient watches them.
  • Fucking in the trailer
    Fucking in the trailer
    A girl walks into a trailer wher a naked guy is waiting for her on the couch. She takes her clothes off and lays down, spreading her legs so the guy can lick her pussy. A little later she sits down on his lap and lowers her pussy over his stiff dick.
  • Poolside orgy
    Poolside orgy
    A woman is leaning over on her knees while a girl in a blue beret is licking her pussy from behind. The last girl drops her top, showing her small tits and large nipples. Two guys come up to her and pull down her panties. She lays down on her back to have her pussy licked.
  • Sex lessons
    Sex lessons
    In this vintage movie we see a couple in a classroom where sex lessons are given. First the woman demonstrates how to apply a condom. Lesson two is about tongue baths and she gives the guy a blow job. The final lesson is about fucking and when the guy lies down on his back the woman lowers herself over his dick.
  • Gallery 32093
    Gallery 32093
    A girl is stripping in the corner while her young boyfriend is watching her from the couch. She sits down next to him and he plays with her tits, undressing her further. The she lays down and spreads her legs wide in order to get XXX fucked.
  • Black and white blow job
    Black and white blow job
    A white girl and a black guy with an anormous hard on are on a bed, kissing each other. She squeezes his dick between her tits and begins to suck it hard, massaging his bals until he comes.
  • Enjoying doggystyle
    Enjoying doggystyle
    A retro teenage blonde really enjoying doggystyle fucking
  • Double blonde blow job
    Double blonde blow job
    A guy walks into a kitchen where he is immediately attacked by two young, blonde girls in bikinis. The drag him onto a sofa to take his clothes off and then both lick and suck his dick. Het then fucks one of the girls until he comes in her mouth.
  • Interracial group sex
    Interracial group sex
    Three girls and two guys are on a bed. One of the men, a black guy, is stroking one of the girls’ tits. Then all the girls get fucked in turn while the third girl strokes and licks their bodies at the same time until the black guy comes over one of them.
  • Bedroom striptease
    Bedroom striptease
    A voluptuous blonde girl who wears only a top and panties is laying on a bed, showing herself off to the camera. She takes her top off, plays with her tits for a while and then slowly lowers her panties. Then she strokes her naked body al over.
  • Vintage rape scene
    Vintage rape scene
    A man and a woman are on the floor of the living room. He is forcibly removing her clothes while she protests in a loud voice. When she is naked, the guy XXX fucks her hard, folding her legs against her chest to penetrate her deeper.
  • Orgy at the dinner table
    Orgy at the dinner table
    Two guys are sitting at the dinner table with their pants on their knees. Two girls are on the floor, sucking the guys dicks. Opposite them another couple strips off and a little later all six of them are fucking away.
  • The love swing
    The love swing
    A topless girl is sitting on a swing in the garden. A guy is kneeling in front of her, licking her nipples. She takes off her panties so he can fuck her hairy pussy. Then she jerks him off until he comes all over her face.
  • Vintage blow job
    Vintage blow job
    A naked guy is laying on the bed while a girl kisses his body al over. She then sucks his dick for a while before laying down on her back so tha guy can fuck her. She then suck his dick again until he comes in her mouth.
  • Two retro chicks
    Two retro chicks
    Two pretty cute retro chicks fondling his massive pecker
  • Fucking on the pool table
    Fucking on the pool table
    A blonde woman gets out of bed, puts on a gown and walks over to another room where a guy is shooting pool. A little later they are both naked and she is sucking his dick. Then he fucks her on top of the pool table.
  • Mixed double
    Mixed double
    A Latino woman is sitting in between two guys on a couch. She has her legs spread and is playing with her pussy. A second woman joins in. A little later they are all naked and both women get fucked behind by the guys.
  • The rent collector
    The rent collector
    A man drives up to a house to collect the rent. A woman in a bathrobe opens the door. A little later they are on the couch: She is naked and taking his clothes off. Then she covers him in whipped cream and ends up in 69 position on top of him.
  • Chasing the maid
    Chasing the maid
    A blind man is chasing a naked girl around the room. Another couple is watching him and encouraging him. Finally he gets the girl on the floor and touches her all over, digging his fingers into her pussy and licking the crack of her behind.
  • Retro threesome
    Retro threesome
    A woman is laying on a bed with two naked guys. She sucks their dicks in turns and then gets fucked by one of them. While she gets screwed from behind she has a drink. Then one of the guys jerks himself off on her tits.
  • Vintage threesome
    Vintage threesome
    Two women visit a guy who welcomes them with a gun in his hand. A little later he is fucking one of them on the bed while the other watches. After a while the second girl joins the couple on the bed and sucks the guys dick until he fucks her as well.
  • Railway fuck
    Railway fuck
    A young couple is walking along a railway track and then climb into a box car. Inside they undress and fuck in front of the open fire. Then the girl sucks the guys giant dick until he shoots his load into her mouth.
  • En extensive blow job
    En extensive blow job
    A nked guy is relaxing on a couch. A girl is kneeling in between his legs, sucking his dick. A little later she gets up and lowers herself slowly over the long pole, taking it all the way into her tight pussy.
  • Retro dildo fuck
    Retro dildo fuck
    A guy creeps up to a house and watches through the window of the bedroom where a naked couple is kissing each other. The girls gets down on her knees and the guy licks her pussy from behind. Then he fucks her with a large dildo.
  • Sharing her cunt
    Sharing her cunt
    Beauty sharing her hairy coochie with a hot lesbian friend
  • Threesome with two strippers
    Threesome with two strippers
    A guy is talking to two busty girls in a bar. Both girls strip down to their panties and one of them dances around. They go to a rom where the girls give the guy a blow job until he fucks both of them in turns.
  • Seka in a threesome
    Seka in a threesome
    Seka talks about her career as a xxx star. A little later she is on a couch, sucking one guys dick while another guy is licking her pussy. She sits down on top of one of the guys in order to fuck him and a little later both guys come in her mouth.
  • A fast XXX fuck
    A fast XXX fuck
    A naked couple is laying on a sofa. The guy kisses the girl all over, especially her tits. He then XXX fucks her in her hairy pussy, going faster and faster, making her moan with pleasure.
  • Threesome from the seventies
    Threesome from the seventies
    A blonde woman in black lingerie is sitting on a couch. On either side of her are two naked guys and she is jerking them both off. Then she gives one guy a blow job while the other one is fucking her from behind.
  • Strapped to the bed
    Strapped to the bed
    A blonde girl and a guy are sitting at a bar, talking to each other. A little later she is naked and on her knees, sucking his dick. They then move to the bed where he ties her up and fucks her from behind, slapping her ass cheecks hard.
  • Blow job in the car
    Blow job in the car
    Set in the 1920’s a female hitch hiker is picked up by a guy in a car. A little later she leans over to him and starts to suck his dick. The guy just keeps driving while she gives his gland a tongue bath until he comes in her mouth.
  • Blonde threesome
    Blonde threesome
    A gauy is standing in between two girls who are wearing bikinis. He begins to kiss one of them while the other unbuttons his shirt. A little later he is fucking one of the girls. Then the other one rolls him on his back and lowers herself over his dick.
  • Summer fantasy
    Summer fantasy
    A naked girl is walking around a luxurious villa, holding a seashell against her ear. A little later she is at the beach, leaning against the rocks. A little later another is fucked from behind by a blonde guy at the same spot.
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