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  • An unexpected fuck
    An unexpected fuck
    A guy wants to have sex with his wife, preferably before the kids come in screaming again. Unfortunately she likes to take her time for a good fuck and not just five minutes. Maybe a triangle is a good idea? There are candidates enough but when the time is there the husband backs out. So the lady is left with a well hung guy who is more than willing to fuck her!
  • Making up fuck
    Making up fuck
    A blonde woman and a guy are having an argument on th couch. A little later she is on her knees, sucking his dick. Then he fucks her from behind for a while, thrusting deep until he comes all over her pussy.
  • Lesbian comfort
    Lesbian comfort
    Vintage film about a girl working at the telephone exchange who's worried about her job and complains to one of her colleagues, a beautiful brunette. She knows exactly how to calm the poor girl down: She slowly undresses her and licks her to seventh heaven!
  • Finger fucked at the kitchen table
    Finger fucked at the kitchen table
    A couple of Italian gangsters are talking to each other at the kitchen table. On of the guys is rubbing feet with the girl sitting next to him. A little later a maid brings in the soup. When she bends over, one of the guys lifts her dress and sticks his fingers up her pussy.
  • Dream fucker
    Dream fucker
    A blonde girl is reading a newspaper. A little later she is naked and in a bath tub full of foam. She dreams about a guy who is working out. A little later she is on all fours and the guy is fucking her from behind.
  • Hot phone exchange
    Hot phone exchange
    All lights are flashing on the terminals of the telephone exchange but there is no one to answer any calls. For the only girl on duty is a blonde Swedish bimbo who is on her back on her boss his desk being fucked by the security officer'who just happened to pass by...
  • A hot trainer
    A hot trainer
    A footballer and his female trainer walk into the dressing room, arguing with each other. A little later he is laying on his back with his pants down and she is jerking him off. She then climbs on top of the guy in order to fuck him.
  • Blonde threesome
    Blonde threesome
    A naked guy is sitting on a couch. Two naked girls, one of the a blonde, are kneeling next to him, licking and sucking his stiff dick. A little later one of the girls lays down on her back to get XXX fucked, licking the other girl at the same time.
  • Great black chick
    Great black chick
    Great retro black chick gives a fantastic blowjob and fuck
  • A very sexy maid
    A very sexy maid
    In this retro clip we meet Vanessa Del Rio as the new maid who has just arrived at the house. When she picks up her luggage it is obvious she is not wearing any underwear and when she calls the man of the house over for breakfast it is obviously more than just food...
  • Busty photographer
    Busty photographer
    A guy walks into a photo studio where he meets up with the photographer, a busty blonde babe. He undresses in front of her so she can check his naked body. She sucks his hard dick and he plays with her large tits before they fuck.
  • Seduced by the servants
    Seduced by the servants
    The lady of the house is confronted by her servatns, a guy and a girl, who think she could do with a little more excitement. The both of them seduce the women and take her to the bedroom for a hot threesome.
  • A romantic fuck
    A romantic fuck
    A blonde girl and a guy are sitting in front of an open fire, kissing each other. They undress and the guy plays with her firm tits. Then he stretches out on the flower and she lowers herself on top of him. In the end she makes him come in a champagne glass.
  • Kitchen fuck
    Kitchen fuck
    A couple is in the kitchen. The guy wants to go to the bedroom for a fuck but the girl wants it there and then so she gets down on her knees to suck his dick.Later on he eats her pussy and then he fucks her from behind.
  • Busty lesbians in action
    Busty lesbians in action
    A blonde girl is leaning against the wall while another girl finger fucks her from behind. A little later the first girl is on her knees, licking the firm tits of the other girl. Then she fingers fucks the other girls hairy pussy again.
  • Cumming over her tits
    Cumming over her tits
    A busty girl is leaning over the back rest of a couch while a guy is massaging her pussy. A little later he fucks her from behind. The girl then lays down on her back and spreads her legs in order to get screwed that way.
  • Retro xxx fuck
    Retro xxx fuck
    A naked guy is laying on a bed when an equally naked girl walks up to him. She leans forward so he can play with her tits. He licks her nipples, rubbing her pussy at the same time. A little later they move into 69 position, licking and suckin before he fucks her doggy style.
  • Office threesome
    Office threesome
    A guy and a girl are in an office undressing each other. The guy lifts the girl on top of the desk and a little later they are fucking. Another guy enters the room and watches the couple before he joins them a little later.
  • Retro threesome
    Retro threesome
    A naked girl is laying on a couch. She is masturbating with a vibrator up her pussy. A guy kneels down next to her head and shoves his dick into her mouth. He pulls the vibrator out and fucks the girl from behind while a second girl is watching them.
  • Gentle stroking
    Gentle stroking
    A naked woman is lying on a bed. While the camera zooms in she strokes herself gently, her tits first. The she raises her legs and caresses them too before she spreads them as wide as she can.
  • Horny phone call
    Horny phone call
    A woman is laying naked on the bed trying to have a conversation over the phone while a black guy is licking her pussy. Then she blows his dick and jerks him off at the same time until he comes in her mouth.
  • Blow job in the office
    Blow job in the office
    A guy is sitting at his desk, looking at some papers. When the camera zooms out we see a half naked girl underneath the desk who is giving the guy a blow job. A little later she lays down on top of the desk and sucks the guy some more.
  • Vintage striptease
    Vintage striptease
    A long haired woman in a ballroom dress enters the stage and begins to dance to the music. She bends over to the camera, showing her large tits. SUddenly she takes her dress off and dances on in a small bikini.
  • John Holmes in action
    John Holmes in action
    A naked gil is laying on a bed, watching a naked guy standing opposite her. When he approaches she takes his long dick into her mouth and sucks it. Then she lays down on the bed whe the guy XXX fucks her before he comes in her mouth.
  • Big breasted interracial
    Big breasted interracial
    In this classic film a black guy takes his white girlfriends to the fair. One of them shows him what to expect by virtually giving her ice cream a blow job. Back at home she shows him that she meant it too but not before he has played with her gigantic tits!
  • Fucking competition
    Fucking competition
    Two guys are sitting in a hot tub watching two cheerleaders perform. A little later both girls are naked and busy sucking two guys while others cheer them on. Then both girls get fucked in varous positions.
  • Screwing in the greenhouse
    Screwing in the greenhouse
    A naked guy is sitting on the floor. A girl is standing next to him, slowly taking all of her clothes off. She kneels down and the both of them kiss before she sucks his dick. A little later she lays down in order to be fucked by the guy.
  • Interracial orgy
    Interracial orgy
    A naked guy is on the bed with two blonde, naked girls next to him. They pull him off the bed and a little later they are joined by a large black guy who XXX fucks one of the girls. A little later another girl and a guy join in too.
  • Horny Hong Kong trip
    Horny Hong Kong trip
    A blonde tourist is taking a trip through Hong Kong, taking pictures of all the sites there. A little later she is kissing a guy in the back of a taxi. While the car is moving through the city they both partly undress and fuck each other.
  • Double blow job
    Double blow job
    Two half naked guys are laying on hotel beds where two blonde, half naked women are giving them each a blow job. The camera pans from one couple to the other, making close ups of the sucking mouths.
  • Experience is golden
    Experience is golden
    Hadjara is just eighyoung teen and she has such a young body! But she's one naughty young teen indeed and already she met many guys to have sex with, but in reality she was searching for a good, experienced lover who could finally satisfy her hunger. She was totally crazy for Eddie's old hairy body and his confident manner so she sucked his vintage wienie just like a candy and let him fuck her like it's his last day of life!
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